Introducing Emma HQ, the industry’s first email campaign and asset manager

Introducing Emma HQ, the industry’s first email campaign and asset manager.

Since Emma’s beginnings in 2003, we’ve worked with everyone from smaller businesses that may have only one person managing email all the way to large franchised businesses like Liberty Tax and Orangetheory Fitness that have dedicated teams devoted to the strategy, execution, and performance of their brand’s email marketing. Through our conversations and relationships with customers at these larger organizations, we’ve learned that they have a completely new and different set of problems over the traditional email marketer. Their local managers and individual franchise owners don’t always have marketing experience, and the marketers at corporate don’t have the bandwidth to create, edit, and send every email going out. So, at the top level, these marketers struggle with brand management, content approvals, and administrative challenges—all at a scale of dozens or even thousands of locations.

Today, we’re excited to unveil Emma HQ, our campaign and asset management platform for email marketers. Emma HQ is the first platform of its kind specifically designed to help large brands with multiple locations manage professional email programs through one corporate account, giving marketers complete visibility into every communication that’s being sent, collaborative tools to work with individual managers, and the control to maintain a world-class brand experience for each and every customer.

The only email platform with built-in mailing approvals.


Emma HQ’s approvals dashboard saves marketers a ton of time and simplifies the email review and approval process, so emails from all across the business can get out the door faster and more accurately. Before a mailing is sent, it’s delivered directly to the approvals dashboard so you can quickly and easily review, comment, and approve the mailing’s content and send details like subject line, preheader text, from name, and the recipients. 



No matter if you’re working on a small team or at a highly-distributed organization, the approvals dashboard easily scales as your business grows and is a must-have in every marketers’ toolkit.


Maintain a consistent brand experience through every mailing.


Keeping a consistent brand experience is a challenge for marketers at businesses of all sizes. Emma HQ’s template style controls let you set and lock the branding and style aspects of your templates — fonts, colors, text size, headings. When the template is shared, each location can now create their mailing within the style guidelines you’ve hard-coded into the template, giving you more consistency and control with every send.

The asset manager lets you create, manage, and share down approved templates and creative assets like logos, images, and files with each location, making it easier to collaborate with your teams across the whole business. And a new image labeling feature makes organizing and sharing images with each location more efficient than ever. When each location has easy access to corporate approved assets, they’re empowered to send and grow their email program, driving effective and consistent branding that aligns all the way back to the company’s marketing strategy.


Complete visibility into how every location is performing.


See what’s happening across all locations and drill into the performance of individual mailings with ease using Emma HQ’s activity dashboard. The at-a-glance view of most recent email activity and how each performed helps marketers quickly identify which teams are nailing their email marketing goals and uncover the ones that could use a little help. In the very near future, you’ll also be able to quickly surface and share those high-performing campaigns across your other sub-accounts, as well.

Wrap up

With the approvals dashboard, template style locking and asset management, asset sharing and template controls, and the advanced visibility into your organization’s email performance, Emma HQ makes managing your email programs a breeze so that you can focus on what’s really important: attracting new customers and keep them coming back time after time.

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