Emma HQ: Approvals Dashboard 101

At Emma, the one thing we love more than emails is the people sending them. We’ve helped thousands of marketers, businesses, and organizations create engaging content to send to their subscribers, and there’s nothing like watching their big ideas come to life. 

Because we work so closely with email marketers, we get a front row seat to the things they love about their jobs and the things that could be improved. When there’s something we can fix to make their work more efficient and enjoyable, we do it. We’ve found that sticking around and supporting our clients through every step of the process has given us a better view of industry gaps and what we can do to fill them.

And that’s exactly what happened when we created Emma HQ, the only platform of its kind created to help organizations like restaurants, franchises, and universities manage their email strategies from hundreds (even thousands!) of locations. This post is the first in a new series that introduces you to all the reasons these businesses love Emma HQ, and first up is the approvals dashboard. 

The problem: Too many locations, not enough consistency.

Something we noticed when working with businesses that have many locations is that it can be really hard to create, review, and approve emails across each location. For example, if you’re a small business and see the people you work with every day, it’s easy to share email assets with members of your team and make edits together. But when your offices are many miles away, or you’re a franchise with one corporate office and many other locations, it’s not that simple. 

The solution: Approvals dashboard

Enter the approvals dashboard, one of the very first features we knew we had to include in Emma HQ, quite simply because we saw a huge need for it. Our customers with large businesses wanted to be able to share brand assets, graphics, and content between many locations, but they also wanted to be able to see all of the messages sent from each individual location. The approvals dashboard in Emma HQ is the first of its kind, and no other ESP has a central hub for sending and reviewing emails for multi-location businesses. 

What’s unique about the approvals dashboard

While the approvals dashboard is unique because it’s the only one of its kind, it’s also the only solution that empowers employees without taking away upper-management control. This means that companies can trust individual offices or locations to send their own emails while also providing them with consistent brand assets, like logos, templates, and content. 

Emma HQ also offers template locking for brand consistency, which means a company can create an email template for all of their locations while allowing each to personalize them with location-specific announcements or details within the content. The approvals dashboard allows companies to review all key information about any mailing from any location, and if edits need to be made, you can also cancel the send or reschedule it for another time.

How Orangetheory Fitness uses the approvals dashboard

With more than 1,000 locations across the country, Orangetheory Fitness is one of the clients we had in mind when creating Emma HQ. We’re excited to announce that, since using the new platform, they report Emma HQ has reduced their time spent on email by 30%.

“The approvals dashboard has really knocked it out of the park: It saves us so much time and makes it seamless to manage over 1,000 studio newsletters each month,” said Meredith Parks, Email Marketing Strategist at Orangetheory Fitness.

Wrap up

From universities to restaurants and franchises, any multi-location business can benefit from using Emma HQ. The approvals dashboard creates freedom and empowerment for employees without losing brand consistency. It’s one simple tool that creates long-term relationships between customers and the brands they love. See how Emma HQ can work for you by requesting a live demo.






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