Recap: Make the most of your event marketing with Emma + Eventbrite

We recently teamed up with our friends at Eventbrite for a webinar all about our new and improved Eventbrite integration. Emily Yearout, Emma email specialist, and Liz McTaggart, Eventbrite senior manager of digital marketing services, took us through what the integration looks like and how it works. If you want to better learn how to target your audience, customize your message, and understand your results, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

We received so many great questions during the webinar, so we compiled them here for you along with some helpful answers! 

We hope you find this beneficial, but if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your fantastic support team. And if you’re not a current Emma customer and would like a demo, let’s talk


  1. If we already have an Emma account, but not Eventbrite, how do we reach out to Eventbrite for more info? You can learn more about how Eventbrite can help you grow your event here or fill out one of these forms and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly: For music venues & festivals | For all other events.
  2. Does Eventbrite send automatic reminders to ticket buyers / those who RSVP'd yes? Yes, Eventbrite sends an automated email reminder to your attendees 48-hours prior to the event. 
  3. Does Eventbrite have the ability to just RSVP yes or no - no pricing for free events? Yes, you can set up an event that is free and therefore will have a “register” button instead of “tickets”.  
  4. Super excited about the full editing functions. Does that include the ability to change the button color? Yes, it does! 
  5. When setting up automation, do we need to create the email template first? Yes, you do. 
  6. You said we only need to connect the EB and Emma accounts one time during the Audience portion, but does that also apply to the Campaigns section? Yes, the Eventbrite account will only need to be connected once for the Event block. 
  7. Is ticket type information pulled over from Eventbrite? Meaning, can you build a segment based on ticket type? Ticket type is not included in the sync at this time, but we do include the total amount a contact has spent on tickets with your organization.
  8. Is there a way to edit the button after you pull it in from Eventbrite? Yes, you can edit the button, both what it says and what it looks like, in the Emma event block. 
  9. When you sync the two, does Eventbrite overwrite existing contact info in Emma? Such as email, phone, etc.? The contact fields Emma receives from Eventbrite are unique and newly created within Emma when the sync is activated, so no previous contact information will be overwritten.
  10. Similar question, can you auto-suppress people who have already bought tickets or declined so that they don't receive subsequent event emails? You can create a segment in Emma that will include contacts that have already purchased a ticket for a specific event using the ‘Eventbrite Events Attended’ contact field, and then choose to exclude that segment when sending a mailing.
  11. Will venues and events attended only relate to your own org, or will you see info from events and venues outside your own org? The venues/events data included for a contact will only be from your specific Eventbrite organization.
  12. Is there a preferred pricing for Eventbrite users? Yes, we do have preferred pricing available for Eventbrite customers. Sign up for a demo today if you’d like to learn more.
  13. What if you don't already have an Eventbrite account? Then now is a great time to sign up for one! Visit Eventbrite to sign up for an account and get started today. 
  14. Is this new connection relevant if your system is based around Groups rather than Subscriptions? The new audience sync will pull in more relevant contact data, but it’s based on Subscriptions (which allow for an opt-down experience for your contacts rather than a full opt-out). We do plan on adding the ability to sync your Eventbrite contacts to your full Emma audience, but at this time we don’t plan to include mapping to Groups.
  15. Is it only possible to use one sync or the other? Not both? Currently both audience syncs can be implemented, but we will sunset the old integration in the near future.
  16. Can you automate an email to trigger when an event is cancelled? This would be helpful when managing multiple events. We don’t currently have automation triggers built on Eventbrite event status, but that may be something we explore in the future.
  17. Where do the tickets sold come from if not through email? So the “tickets sold” will show the total amount of sold tickets that may have come through any of your other marketing efforts—social media, flyers, ads, etc. The purpose of this feature on the results page is to show your overall total number of tickets sold, as well as how many tickets were sold solely as a result of your email. 
  18. What's the benefit of using the "Event" tab over just adding a "button" and linking that to your Eventbrite? The event block will perform that action for you, saving time when managing multiple events. The event block also provides functionality that tracks ticket sales tied directly to your email.
  19. What happens when you click "buy ticket" button on your Emma? The CTA buttons link directly to the Eventbrite event page.
  20. Can you set defaults so you don't have to edit the font/colors for each event each time? Yes. Depending on your Emma account type, default styles can be set which the event block will recognize. Emma’s Design Services team can also assist with default styles.
  21. Are we able to access all Eventbrite data or is this just our own specific events? If we are just starting out - we wouldn't have any data to pull in? When you sync your Eventbrite account to Emma, we’ll pull 18 months of historical data. So in Emma you’ll have full access to all Eventbrite data from that time frame, and going forward. And yes you are correct that if you are just starting out, you won’t have any data to pull in just yet. But once you do that initial sync, your Eventbrite data will automatically go into Emma without you having to lift a finger.
  22. What's the max amount of emails you can upload into Emma? Contact limits will depend on your specific plan type. But if you’re just talking about the number of email sends, there is no limit. 
  23. If you send through Emma, can you resend only to those who have not responded? Nope, you’ll be able to choose specifically who you want to resend your email to. 
  24. Can you change to RSVP rather than Register for free events? Yes, you can make this edit through the event block in Emma. 
  25. Do you need to be logged into both Emma & EB when working in Emma to pull info across? No, once set up, information is synced automatically regardless of whether you’re logged in. 
  26. I have been using this new integration but in my response page I am not seeing the Eventbrite sales data pull through, how do I get this to start showing up or should it be automatic? This is likely a bug on the Emma side that we’re currently looking into. 
  27. We use EB for Free Tickets. Can the Emma CTA be changed to Get Tickets instead of Buy Tickets? Yes, the CTA is completely customizable. 
  28. Unclear about the process with contact fields mapped from EB to Emma. It seems the fields come across, but not defined as multiple choice on Emma. What needs to be done on Emma? When the audience sync is set up, Emma automatically creates the contact fields in your account depending on the information included in those fields. The fields should not need any adjustments.
  29. Does Emma pull the custom url or the event url when importing the event? Emma will pull the exact Eventbrite URL for the event. 
  30. What happens to subscribers on EB when pulled to Emma if they're opt outs on Emma? If a subscriber has previously opted-out for Emma, they will remain opted-out even after Eventbrite subscribers are synced. 
  31. How do I request a live demo? Sign up here and we’ll be in touch!

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