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For most events, tickets are sold right after the announcement or right before the event.

Super fans and early adopters snap up tickets during the first week.

The rest of us procrastinate and purchase the week before the event.

In fact, 50% of event ticket sales occur during that final week.

What about the time in between when youre not selling tickets?

its called (cue ominous music) the trough of death.

When ticket sales have stalled, it feels like it lasts forever.

And when the boss asks about progress, youve got nothin.

ThereS an easy way to win: Smart email marketing.

Why email? Because we’re pretty much living in our inboxes.

Email is the #1 online activity. Sorry, netflix.

THe average office worker checks their email 30 times an hour.

EMail is the top channel for selling stuff, including tickets.

The average roi is double that of any other digital channel.

66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email.

Email conversion rates are 40x that of facebook and twitter.

But before you start selling, you need to grow your list.

Bad news first: the average email list churns by 30% every year.

Good news: there are a bunch of smart ways you can grow your list fast.

Like using a lightbox signup form — they can increase signups by 46%!

Then segment your list so you can send More targeted, relevant content.

Relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.

Personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates.

Consumers are more likely to buy when sent custom content.

And make sure your design is mobile-optimized. Please.

53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

Design with a clean, single-column layout and keep your copy short and sweet.

Fonts should be at least 16px and cta buttons should be at least 44px squared.

Optimize your from name & subject line TO Supercharge your open rate.

64% of people open email based on the organization the email is from.

So make sure the from name is crystal clear and easily recognized.

And add a little urgency to your subject lines to boost open rates by 22%.

Stay top of mind with an email cadence that hits all the high notes.

Ticket announcements, new speakers, full agenda, etc. — all great reasons to email.

Share updates with confirmed attendees so they’ll spread the word to their networks.

Manufacture some urgency through early bird tickets, vip packages, and promos.

And most importantly, Dont panic.

Resist the urge to bombard subscribers every day with email.

“Receiving too many emails“ is the #1 reason people unsubscribe.

Besides, with this smart email plan in place, you’ll sell tickets faster than ever.

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