Emails We Love: The 4th of July edition

Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day sitting poolside, grilling hamburgers, or watching fireworks, make sure to send your subscribers some star-spangled content before you’re out of the office. 

“But Emma,” you may be thinking, “not all of my customers live in the same country,” and that’s a great point! You always want to be thinking about your target audience and the messages that will resonate with them most. In this case, you’re the expert. 

But while you may not want to send a “Happy Independence Day!” to all of your subscribers around the world, this is a great opportunity for using segmentation to separate your list based on geographic location. 

And although not everyone may be celebrating the holiday, we’re pretty sure all subscribers love really good content and fun things like promotions or sales. So if you want to send international subscribers a little holiday love but change your message based on region, they will absolutely be glad to join in the fun. 

Here are some 4th of July emails we’re loving:

1. Bohme 

Like we mentioned, Independence Day is a great reason to host a sale. Bohme displays this advice with 20% off their entire store and a to-the-point email design. When your product is the main event and you’re giving people a great reason to view it, you don't need a lot of copy and detailed design. This email is perfectly celebratory and festive without distracting from the main message and clothes on sale. Bravo, Bohme.

2. Hungry Root

This email is a great example of celebrating the holiday while still staying true to your brand. Hungry Root, a health food delivery company, doesn’t exactly scream “4th of July celebration,” but they do know how to target their audience—by helping them think ahead about making healthy choices before and after the hamburgers and hot dogs. Even if your brand doesn’t directly fulfill a holiday need, think about your subscribers’ seasonal mentality and how you can meet them where they are. 

3. J. Crew

A tried-and-true American favorite, J. Crew is a fantastic brand to look to for holiday inspiration.

You can almost always count on this brand to join in the celebration with a sale. We love the cleanliness of photography squares that don’t just display clothing, but also a summer lifestyle of fun. 


4. Uber 

Looking to spice up your emails a little bit for a special occasion? Use a gif. This is a perfect way to spotlight your brand or product while adding a celebratory element to the mix. Uber shows us how it’s done while also encouraging subscribers to “Schedule a ride in advance and celebrate the stars and stripes without stress.” Brilliant.  

Image: Really Good Emails


5. Stubhub

Speaking of gifs, we also love this one from StubHub. They show off their strengths by listing local events to partake in over the holiday, as well as personalized recommendations. Personalization is an easy way to win over your subscribers, and, when combined with holiday spirit, it’s a win-win for all. 


Wrap up 

Creating a July 4 campaign doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow the lead of the brands above by sticking to what you know your subscribers love—like engaging content or a holiday sale—and lean into the lightheartedness of summer. Send your emails sooner, rather than later, to make sure they’re received before everyone leaves the office. Happy 4th! 

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Kaitlin Wernet is a content specialist on Emma's marketing team. When she's not restraining herself from using too many exclamation points or grabbing one more La Croix from the office kitchen, she can be found working on her first book or planning her next big travel adventure.

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