Reduce opt-outs and increase subscriber engagement with Subscriptions

What’s the one thing that makes a marketer’s heart hurt more than anything? Opt-outs. Let’s face it: opt-outs suck. Watching carefully cultivated subscriber list numbers go down is disheartening for any marketer. But, it’s a reality, and in an increasingly privacy-minded world, we will continue to make sure that it’s easy and straightforward for someone to stop receiving content.

But, we believe a successful email strategy is more nuanced than an all-or-nothing scenario in which a subscriber receives all of your content regardless of preference and has to opt out completely when they get content that isn’t relevant and engaging. Building an engaged subscriber list requires more flexibility to be able to deliver the most effective content. In other words, your subscribers should have a say in the content they receive from you.

To solve this problem, our product team has been hard at work to give your subscribers that level of flexibility and control in the types of content they receive email from your brand, whether it’s subscribing to all of the content you offer, turning off some pieces of content to have a more customized and curated subscription, or opting out completely.

Reduce opt-outs and increase subscriber engagement with Subscriptions

Introducing Subscriptions, the easiest way to reduce opt-outs and manage different types of email content across your subscriber base. Your subscribers don’t have to completely opt-out of your content. You can now give your subscribers a choice in the types of content they can get or even customize their email frequency, like weekly, monthly, or quarterly emails.

Reduce opt-outs through flexibility and options

Subscriptions helps marketers reduce opt-outs by giving your subscribers more flexible options to receive content. Instead of sending your subscribers every piece of content, Subscriptions lets them curate their experience with your brand’s content resulting in more satisfied and engaged subscribers that are less likely to opt-out.

Give your subscribers a say in what they get

Using the Subscription Center, your subscribers can easily toggle and manage all of their content preferences via the link in the footer of every email you send. When they’ve got more control into the content they receive, they’ll be more active and drive more engagement back to your site.

See which subscriptions are most engaging

You’re able to see exactly which types of content are the most popular which will give you insight into where to continue to focus, as well as what subscriptions in your email strategy have increased unsubscribes and may benefit from some improvements.

Wrap Up

Now that you are giving your subscribers a say in the content they receive from you, you’re already decreasing the chances of opt-outs. And over time, you’ll be able to take a look at the numbers of subscribers to each type of content to further refine your content strategy and drive even more engagement from email.

Subscriptions is available for all Emma Pro, Plus, and HQ customers. If you’re not a current Emma customer and would like a demo, let’s talk!

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Miles Price is a Product Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor.

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