Signals 2022: A Virtual Conference on Relationship Marketing

Maintaining a loyal connection between your brand and your customers is the height of marketing success. But achieving it is complex. Signals 2022 is a four-day online conference created for marketers and audience growth specialists. Themed around the four pillars of relationship marketing – acquisition, engagement, personalization and retention, each 30-minute session will deliver success stories and best practices from industry experts from some of the world’s most respected brands.

Relationship marketing is rooted in a value exchange between a brand and the customer. Shoppers expect the brands in their lives to know what they want, and to make it easy to acquire at all times, on all devices. This means that brands need to learn more about their shoppers’ preferences which often translates into zero-party data – data explicitly provided by the consumer which makes it the most valuable kind of data to collect. If this sounds like a challenge your teams face, you will not want to miss these upcoming Signals sessions:

On October 24 Cheetah Digital’s Vice President of Client Success, Nick Watson, will host a conversation about Zero-Party Data: The What, Why and How to Use it Effectively.

Stephanie Liu, an expert on marketing and privacy from Forrester, will advise on how to collect zero party data in a way that’s strategic, yet not creepy in her October 24 session, More Than a Product Quiz: Zero-Party Data Across the Customer Lifecycle.

Part of connecting with your audiences is to know how they engage with your brand. SMS marketing for business is an undeniable part of the equation. Join Andy Gladwin, Cheetah Digital’s head of Global Mobile GTM, on October 25 for his session titled Want a Simple Messaging Solution to Enhance Business Results? Look No Further Than SMS.

You will not want to miss Chris Marriott, President and Founder of Email Connect LLC and Cheetah Digital’s Bryan Finfrock’s October 25 session as they discuss the overlaps between email service providers (ESPs) and customer data platforms (CDPs). How should martech teams rethink the ESP landscape? Are both platforms required? You will not want to miss this deep dive, aptly titled ESPs and CDPs Collided - Now What?

And feel uplifted by tuning in to our session on October 26 with Lindsay Rutledge, Director, Consumer Strategy & Communications for the Nashville Predators hockey team. Maintaining Their Momentum: How the Nashville Predators use Emma to Grow in Normal Times and Times of Crisis, illustrates how it’s possible to maintain a successful loyalty program even through difficult times like the COVID pandemic, with virtual events and partnerships that still provide attendees with valuable rewards points.

With 25 sessions that you can watch in real time or on your own time, Signals 2022 is not to be missed. Check out the entire list of sessions including conversations with marketers and experts from PepsiCo, Magnolia Bakery, The Atlantic, Forrester Research, The CDP Institute, Loyalty360 and many more.

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