Why email deliverability matters: Email send frequency

Why email deliverability matters: Email Sending Frequency


In the first post of this "Why Deliverability Matters" blog series, we introduced the concept and the importance of protecting your sender reputation. The second post went on to discuss email list hygiene, which is the practice of keeping clean and organized lists. Then, we discussed the concept of "throttling" emails, a tactic employs batch sends versus mass sends for better bounce rates. Last but not least, we have to chat about email send frequency. 

The key to any relationship is trust, and when you start showing up consistently for your subscribers, they begin to not only expect your emails, but they begin to trust your role in their life.  

If you wait too long between sending emails, recipients forget why they were interested in subscribing in the first place. When they forget why they subscribed, they typically either unsubscribe or delete your email without opening it. On the flip side, if you send emails too frequently, they’re more likely to be marked as spam or just flat-out annoy your subscribers. And, you guessed it, they’ll likely unsubscribe or delete the email without opening it.

So what is the perfect email cadence? It varies by the audience and type of campaign, but our research has found that every two weeks is the ideal frequency for most organizations. This frequency is based on open rates, click-through rate (CTR), and unsubscribe rates.

Create an email worth opening to improve email deliverability

With the supporting elements in place, now you can focus on creating something subscribers want to open. “That’s easier said than done,” you might be thinking. Well, that’s just the thing — email marketing doesn’t need to be an overcomplicated exercise with a monkey taunting you the whole way. It should be seamless and welcoming!

Wrap up

Yes, deliverability can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. With these 4 simple steps, and the help of your Emma support team, you can create an email marketing strategy that wins the inbox with every send! Remember the 4 steps to improving your email deliverability are: 

  • Protecting your sender reputation
  • Keeping good list hygiene 
  • Email throttling 
  • Monitoring your email send frequency 

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