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November 2022

Manage contact fields

We’ve made contact fields more flexible, to better help you personalize your campaigns with contact field data.

You can now easily add, edit and remove contact fields with multiple values.

August 2022

New content blocks

We’ve replaced the text content block with three new options:

  • Paragraph — The primary content block for the main text of your email.
  • Title — Drag and drop a heading section into your design. Includes HTML heading tags (H1, H2, H3), to help those who use screen readers.
  • List — Add numbered and bulleted lists.

These new content blocks will automatically include the preset font styles from your email template, helping you reduce the time it takes to customize your campaign.

Mobile style controls

Our mobile-specific styling controls help you customize email design for mobile without impacting your desktop design. You can now adjust alignment and add padding for subscribers reading emails on the go.

Section controls

Add padding and borders around sections to make sure your campaigns are consistent and impactful.

Gmail compatibility

We’ve made improvements so that the Gmail app will correctly display buttons, backgrounds and responsive layouts. 

April 2022

Drag and drop editor

Say hello to flexible, beautiful email designs with the new drag and drop editor – it’s officially available for you and your team today! Here’s what you can expect with the new editor:

  • New designs to win the inbox: You wanted new templates that would catch your audience’s attention, so the new drag and drop editor comes with a refreshed, modern template gallery. Craft beautiful messages that fit your brand, connect with your subscribers, and save your team time.
  • Make sure your emails look good anywhere: We’ve made it easier for you to build mobile-first campaigns so you can connect with your subscribers, wherever they are. Build and preview your emails in mobile mode to ensure your designs look perfect on any device.
  • Familiar features in a modern experience: We’ve brought the editor functions you know and love into a new streamlined, drag and drop experience that makes campaign creation even easier. You can create new email configurations with flexible row and column combinations, giving you even more control over layout style and size.
  • Make changes with confidence: One of the top requested features was the ability to undo and redo, and we heard you. In addition to undo and redo buttons, the new editor tracks all changes made in a session so you can revert to a previous version at any time, allowing you to edit with confidence.

We’ve compiled all the resources you need in our drag and drop editor hub, including the Getting to know the editor webinar recording, help articles, and takeaways to share with your team.

March 2022

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Sub to sub sharing

We know you love brand consistency, but creating the same campaigns for each subaccount can be time-consuming. You now have the ability  to assign trusted users to share campaigns directly between subaccounts to speed up your team’s creative workflows. Your subaccounts now have more freedom to focus on their localized marketing efforts while ultimate approval control remains with your central marketing team. 

February 2022

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Marketing calendar

To help you avoid overwhelming your subscribers with overlapping campaigns, we’ve created a new calendar that brings all your subaccounts’ mailings into the Emma HQ dashboard. Now you can easily visualize and adjust your sending schedules to keep your subscribers engaged and reduce potential opt-outs.

Here are some tips to get the most out of the calendar:

  • If too many campaigns are scheduled for the same day, you can open your campaign straight from the calendar to adjust the send date.
  • Filter by subaccount to see each subaccount’s sending patterns or email volume to ensure they follow best practices.
  • Filter by “pending” mailings to quickly approve campaigns directly from the calendar.

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