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When your products are as beautiful as Yumi Kim’s – crafted from sumptuous silk and bold, colorful graphic prints – it’s essential that your emails follow suit.

“The Yumi Kim brand is influenced by our designer Kim Phan’s own aesthetic with an emphasis on vintage silhouettes spun with a contemporary urban feminine mystique,” said Marketing Coordinator Alivia Massimillo. “The heart of Kim’s line has always been playful, floral designs. She loves travel, as well, so she also brings that sense of freedom and wanderlust into her work.”

The brand’s marketing team maintains the same gorgeous aesthetic in their emails; in fact, they’re easily some of the most beautiful we’ve seen hit our inboxes! So for marketers looking for inspiration, we’re spotlighting three of Yumi Kim’s best emails and breaking down the marketing smarts baked into each design.


Yumi Kim makes it easy to join their list with a compelling, well-placed lightbox form on their homepage. The lightbox incentivizes signups by telling potential subscribers they’ll receive a 15% off discount just for joining the VIP list and be privy to exclusive offers and first looks at new arrivals.

After signing up, each new subscriber receives this automated welcome email…

…that showcases a ton of savvy marketing best practices! First of all, the general design is playful, easily scannable and sure to stand out in a crowded inbox. But we also love the more specific elements of the messaging, including:

A special offer. As promised, Yumi Kim gives her new subscribers a 15% off discount in her welcome email – an incentive that makes them convert right away.

Eye-catching CTA buttons. “Mobile optimization is huge for us,” Alivia explained, “because so many of our subscribers are reading their emails and shopping our website on their phones.” So the brand includes large, tappable CTA buttons in their welcome mailing.

Social engagement. Offering multiple touchpoints for your consumers is critical, so Yumi Kim encourages new subscribers to engage with them on social as well as email.

And all of it really works – this welcome email boasts an impressive 61.6% open rate and 27.3% click rate!


Let’s be real, here: Everyone loves a good celebration, especially when it’s unexpected and all about them. Yumi Kim’s team shows each and every one of their subscribers they care by automating a date-based email to send on their birthdays. The special offer and festive floral pattern are just icing on the cake.

The “Free Shipping” offer displayed at the top of the email is a great idea, too: According to recent data from Accent, 88 percent of consumers are more likely to shop at a site online when promised free shipping.


Yumi Kim’s team also recently ran a re-engagement campaign to clean up their subscriber list.

“The idea behind it was that people on our list who hadn’t engaged with us in a while would be able to opt in or opt out directly from the email. From there, those that didn’t respond at all or acknowledge the email were moved into a delete segment. We were able to clean up our list and get rid of inactive subscribers so we could ensure our mailings were as effective as possible.”

So Yumi Kim sent this email with the fantastic subject line, “Are we not BFF’s anymore?”

Woman in blue dress

Several recipients quickly responded that they’d like to remain on the list – demonstrating their renewed interest and helping bring them back into the fold. And just by sending this one mailing, Yumi Kim’s team was able to increase their average open rate by 6%!


Though their emails are already beautiful, Yumi Kim’s marketing team keeps testing new design ideas and stays on top of new trends to ensure they remain ahead of the competition.

“Right now we’re playing around with adding a bit more product imagery into our emails,” Alivia noted. “Traditionally, we’ve just had a feature image, but now we’re trying to have several different styles presented in a streamlined, easily digestible way. And through the end of the year, we’re looking to drive sales for the holidays, so fun holiday designs will definitely be a priority, too.”

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