[Infographic] Mapping your subscriber experience

In this infographic, we walk you through the process of mapping your subscribers’ journey to understand and anticipate the needs, questions, and behavior that can arise as they move from sign-up to purchase.


The first step of the journey when a customer becomes interested in joining your list.

Subscriber sign-up


Continue to nurture the relationship and provide value to your subscribers.

Send emails with the goal of promoting conversion and engagement.

Welcome email

Subscribers who receive a welcome email show more long-term engagement with a brand – 33% more, on average (Brightwave).

Promotional email

Put segmentation to work and consider sending promos based on location, gender, age, interest, etc.

Content marketing email

Tell your brand’s story and why you do what you do.

Loyalty and reward email

Reward customers who interact with your brand regularly.

On average, loyal customers are worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase (White House Office of Consumer Affairs).

Product and company announcements

Allow customers to feel a sense of ownership by keeping them in-the-know.

Behavior-based emails

Set up automation triggers to send an email when a customer purchases a product, browses your website, or any other behavior you choose.

Testimonials and reviews

Let other customers do the talking about your business.

92% of people say they trust peer recommendations (Microsoft).


Learn from what your subscribers are engaging with and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Retarget and resend

Retarget or resend emails based on previous behavior of subscribers with low engagement.


Focus on unengaged subscribers by sending relevant and personalized content.


Experiment and use data to inform your marketing strategy.


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