Introducing the new Asset Manager

Easily organize and share content across your brand with Emma HQ’s Asset Manager

In addition to using Emma HQ to approve the email programs for your organization, marketers also have to onboard new locations, manage and distribute new content to them, and all the while, have to keep everything organized. Wrangling all of those assets for hundreds or even thousands of locations can quickly become time-consuming and even unmanageable. The Assets Manager for Emma HQ has powerful organizational features to make building, organizing, and sharing content across your organization easier and faster than ever.

Let’s take a look at what’s new!


Share one location’s successful campaign with the rest of your organization

When an individual location sees high engagement from a particular email campaign, marketers want to be able to recognize that successful content and extend it to their other locations. Using the Copy to Assets feature, Emma HQ managers can copy a campaign back to your admin account, make any necessary updates, and redistribute it back down to other locations. This makes it easy to highlight and get more mileage out high performing and engaging content.



Organize your images easier with labels

From logos, headers, and campaign-related photography, image libraries can contain hundreds and even thousands of images. Image labels make it easy to sort these images into categories for quick access and sharing. Similarly related images with different file types (for example, a PNG logo and JPG banners and product shots) can share the same label and be found together for easy filtering.

Image label details:

  • Use the search bar to sort by label name
  • Assign multiple labels to a single image
  • Emma HQ managers can create new labels



Easily share your image labels with sub-accounts

Maintaining a consistent brand experience is key among businesses with multiple locations. As a result, marketers want to be able to provide locations with a pre-built library of on-brand images and graphics. When these images are labeled in the Asset Manager and shared to sub-accounts, the labels will be maintained down to each location, giving them quick and easily filterable access to corporate-approved images.



Quickly duplicate templates and campaigns

Marketers and email designers aren’t strangers to creating new templates and campaigns based on previously designed content. Instead of starting from scratch, a new Duplicate option makes it easy to make a copy of a campaign or template, and it’s immediately available in the Assets Manager. Note: by default, new copies are not shared with sub-accounts.

Wrap Up

The new Assets Manager is currently available as a beta for all Emma HQ accounts. You’ll find it in the main dropdown listed as “Assets Manager (beta)” and currently works alongside the original Assets tool until the original Assets tool is retired on January 9, 2019. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!

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