Introducing faster ways to organize and share files in Emma

For email marketers at companies with disparate locations like franchises and multi-unit restaurants (or even universities with many departments), creating a consistent brand experience is why customers are attracted to your business, and what keeps them coming back! But managing and sharing all of the templates and assets to keep your branding consistent can be time-consuming and difficult.

We’re excited to introduce a new and streamlined assets manager experience and new image organization features in Emma Enterprise, making it easier to manage, organize, and share your templates and images down to your team at each location.

Asset manager

The new assets manager makes it easier to manage, organize, and share email templates down to your team. As your team and the number of templates grow, this’ll save you time so that you can focus less on asset management and more on email strategy across the business.

Currently available as a beta experience, the new assets manager sits alongside the original Assets panel, so you’ve got the ability to switch between the two experiences as we continue to release more features and improvements in the new experience.

Image labels

For email marketers that are curating a large library of marketing assets across sub-accounts, you can now use image labeling to better organize all of your images. Labels help categorize images like “logos” or “product shots,” and the search bar lets you search for a label in the image library to quickly find them.

That label structure you create will also share down to your sub-accounts. For example, you could share a set of images labeled “Logos” with your sub-accounts, and those users could sort by those same labels in their image libraries when building their mailings.

We’ve also made it even easier to share images in bulk down to your sub-accounts. Within the asset manager, use the checkboxes to select multiple images at once to share those images with the sub-accounts of your choosing.

Wrap Up

The assets manager and image label features are available for all Emma Enterprise customers. Since the assets manager is in beta, keep an eye out for even more features and improvements over the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!

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Miles Price is a Product Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor.

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