Customer Case Study: TITLE Boxing Club for franchises

For franchise owners and marketers, we're always in your corner. Just ask TITLE Boxing Club, who uses Emma HQ to send effective and engaging emails to grow their business across many locations around the world. See how they make it happen.
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[Brooke] TITLE Boxing Club is using Emma as our national email service provider. So, up until last year, we had no brand consistency in our email messaging.

[Jenn] We've really seen the brand consistency and the quality of our emails skyrocket.

[Brooke] Very few people buy a franchise that are former marketers or CMOs and the one brilliant thing about Emma is that it makes the tool so simple for franchisees to use and it makes marketing easy for them to implement at the local level.

[Laura] You can actually from the assets level lock certain content and colors and images, and so when you share it down, franchisees are actually locked in to sending that content exactly how you want it.

[Jenn] Since we've launched almost 6 months ago, we have sent out over 2.5 million emails to our system. Every new member that has joined Title has received a welcome to the fam email with over 20,000 members.

[Laura] Just recently, we were looking through some of the reporting and some of our top performers in the system were top email performers so if you really put the time into tackling email marketing and making it brand consistent, you'll see the results immediately.

[Brooke] We love the way that it looks, we love the way that it reads to the customer, and we love the data that it's telling us on how it's increasing our retention as well as prospect acquisition.

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