5 of the best email marketing campaigns we could find

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of inspiration. When creating your next email marketing campaign, you may be looking for ideas or trends that are helping other brands inspire their subscribers to turn into lifelong fans and customers.

By learning from some of the best brands and marketers, you can create better marketing campaigns for your own brand. Learn from these incredible marketing campaigns, put your own unique twist on them, and watch the engagement from your customers grow.

Stuck looking for an idea that will make your next email marketing campaign better than ever? We’ve collected some great email marketing campaigns to help kick-start your imagination.

5 awesome email marketing campaigns

Instead of racking your brain and trying to remember great emails you have received recently, why not simplify things?

We have brought together the best email marketing campaigns we could find in recent memory and compiled them in one list for you to check out.

We did the legwork to bring these campaigns together into one spot. All you have to do is sit back and let the creative juices start flowing.


1. Doing more with minimalism

Have you heard of the Peloton bike? Peloton is the fitness/tech company that everyone is talking about right now. The Peloton bike brings the studio spin class into your home with live or recorded classes streamed to a 22-inch display attached to your bike.

If you’re thinking all of that sounds pretty pricey then, well, you hit the nail on the head. A Peloton bike with all the added extras runs nearly $3,000 and that doesn’t even include the $40 per month digital subscription to take part in the classes.

Despite the steep price tag, people swear by the Peloton bike and this trend all began with exceptional marketing. Their email campaigns, television commercials, and internet ads make the Peloton bike look like the Lexus of fitness equipment.

One look at a Peloton email marketing campaign shows you why the brand elicits such a feeling. The images are crisp and exciting while the copy is quick and to-the-point. Finally, at the end is a bold call-to-action that’s simple and effective. Peloton shows that you don’t need to cram in crazy backgrounds, tons of images, and a wall of copy to get your point across.


Image: Really Good Emails


2. ‘Tis the season for marketing

Many marketers know all about embracing important shopping holidays like Black Friday or Christmas, but what about other dates on the calendar? Halloween, for example, may not be a big day for shopping but it certainly opens up a lot of creative options for content when email marketing.

The email example below uses unique font, backgrounds, and even offers up some seasonally appropriate recipe ideas. 

Image: Really Good Emails

This is a fantastic example of using the seasons and days on the calendar to add value to your subscribers.

People don’t just want a marketing message, they want something enjoyable to read. Create a marketing calendar and look at some of the different dates you can use as part of your marketing.

Try incorporating changes in the seasons and even daylight savings time changes. There are plenty of days outside of the big shopping days that you can have a lot of fun with!


3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

When looking to create great content, many marketers assume they need to write better copy. Of course, copy is incredibly important. However, more copy does not always mean better copy. 
Instead, the right copy combined with appropriate product pictures can say more than a wall of text ever could. 

Plus, since people prefer short emails, your subscribers will appreciate your brevity.
This piece of advice is especially important for e-commerce stores. People want to see your products in action. Opt for better product photos to highlight your emails with simple, short calls-to-action.

United By Blue perfectly shows this concept in their email campaign:

Image: Really Good Emails

The images showcase the United By Blue lifestyle rather than a sales pitch. The copy is short and to-the-point. Subscribers can quickly and easily click through to the website after being inspired by the product photos.

Your email marketing campaign is the beginning of your sales funnel.

Use better images to capture the imagination of subscribers and move them along your sales pipeline. The last thing you want to do is crowd your email campaign with text and information that stall people from doing what you want them to do, which is click through to your website and spend some money!


4. Send mouth-watering emails.

If you are in the restaurant or food industry, you need to capture the attention and the taste buds of your subscribers. There is no better way to do that than by simply highlighting the product you are known for.

Of course, not every restaurant or food marketing campaign is aimed at getting people to sit down and have a meal.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the product. Using big images, you can get their taste buds working overtime before you present your marketing proposition to your subscribers.
A great example of this is the email shown below from Impossible Burger. 

Image: Really Good Emails

The delicious burger overflowing with toppings is the highlight and focal point of this email. 
However, the message of the email is not to go out and stuff as many Impossible Burgers into your face as humanly possible (although we don’t blame you if that’s exactly what you want to do after seeing this photo).

This campaign makes our list of the best email marketing campaigns we could find because it focuses on the strength of the brand while still presenting a non-dining related message. The food is always a great selling point.


5. Deliver better content.

An email marketing campaign doesn’t always have to be about selling something directly. In fact, adding value to your subscribers is one great way of reducing churn on your email marketing list. 

Instead of hiding content away on your website, deliver your best content directly to the inboxes of subscribers.

The average office worker receives about 121 emails per day. That number will likely continue to grow as more brands embrace email marketing as the main part of their marketing efforts and more consumers opt to receive their information by email. 

In addition, that number means that your email needs to stand out among 120 other emails to grab the attention of your subscribers.

Great content is an easy way to stand out among the other, less inspired email marketing campaigns that people will encounter in their inbox throughout the day. 

Arizona State University had a fantastic campaign directed at parents of students who may be concerned about finances during this expensive stage of their child’s life. 

Image: Really Good Emails

The piece is packed full of good information and, you can bet, not too many parents will be unsubscribing after receiving such great content.

Not only is content a great way to keep subscribers interested, but it’s also a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert or a leader in your industry. Your content can be used to help build your brand into what you always dreamed it could be.


Wrap up

After checking out some of the best email marketing campaigns we could find, you’re probably feeling inspired to create a campaign of your own. 

So what are you waiting for? Take some direction from these great campaigns shown above and get down to work on creating your next campaign. 

Who knows, you might end up on our next list of great email campaigns.

If you are feeling creative then it’s time to get down to business. Using the powerful email campaign creation tools from Emma, you can develop better email marketing campaigns that will excite and delight your subscribers. Best of all, you can try the powerful Emma tools for free.

There are no excuses left. Your next campaign can be your best campaign yet with a little bit of help from the experts.

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