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Use images to create scan-worthy emails (they’re gonna do it anyway)

12 Days of Email Tips: On the sixth day...

On this sixth day of our 12 Days of Email Tips, we're coming at you with some tough love, but it can make a big difference in your email marketing. Let's talk images and how to seamlessly incorporate them into every email you send.

Just because people are looking at your email, doesn't mean they're reading it

It's important to include imagery in your email campaigns because of the people opening your email, about 80% are only scanning, not reading them.

But don't get frustrated; get strategic: place images above the fold and balance them with text, naturally breaking up your content in a scan-friendly way. And with Gmail's news about displaying images by default, you don't have to worry as much about recipients being required to take an extra step to see your entire email. Hooray! 

Use Bigstock to find the perfect images for your email campaigns

As we've pointed out in our Brainiac Guide, images capture attention quickly and can drive home a point, but it can be tough to find the just-right image if you don't have a graphic designer on hand. It can also be a pain to search for them on the internet and know what's fair game in the land of copyright law.

Thanks to the Emma's partnership with Bigstock, customers have access to over 16 million images right inside our drag & drop editor. With just a couple of clicks, you can search Bigstock's catalog of photos, illustrations and vectors to find just the right ones to accompany your email's message.

There's no subscription requirement, and no additional login to create. Each image costs about $3, and purchased images will appear in your image library.

Want to see how we use stock images? Hope you're hungry, because it involves a pizza party:

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