The importance of placing images above the fold

You have less than a second to give them something great to look at

Image courtesy of BigStock

It's likely that when you meet someone, you want to make a good first impression. Your emails are an extension of your brand, so naturally, you want your emails to make a great first impression, too. Researchers found that the brain makes decisions in just a 20th of a second of viewing a webpage. You could assume the same would hold true for email. If you only have a 20th of a second to get a good opinion, it only makes sense to lead with something visual that can be grasped at a glance. 

The truth is, people may not actually be reading your emails. But there's a great chance they are looking at them. That makes it important to convey your message without solely relying on text.

When defining the structure for your campaign, lead with a powerful image. It can also be helpful to add a strong headline and a clear call to action. Your "above the fold" real estate is typically the top 250-400 pixels. That is where you have the opportunity to create a lasting impression. If you need some inspiration to get you going, check out these brands that grab your attention before you read a single thing:


Why we like it: The first thing in the inbox is a powerful image that makes the readers want to scroll without even thinking about it.





Why we like it: It leads with an energetic headline and image to back up the point.





Why we like it: This image creates an emotional connection right away. 






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