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Make holiday shoppers year-round fans

12 Days of Email Tips: On the fifth day...

On this fifth day of our 12 Days of Email Tips, we’ve got advice for you shop owners. With just 11 shopping days until Christmas, holiday shoppers will be out in full force, and you’ll likely see plenty of new faces perusing your wares in search of that perfect gift for Aunt Mildred.

The people, they want your emails

Increased traffic in your store this month is great, but return customers in the new year are even better. Use email marketing to build a loyal fanbase! 

In the past couple of years, we've seen email get more street cred. A recent study shows a 50 percent uptick in the number of people who value email as a way to find out about new products and promotions.

As your shoppers check out, invite them to stay connected over email and be the first to hear about new inventory and special promotions. It’s an easy way to turn those gift-buyers into return customers. (Because isn’t Aunt Mildred’s birthday in January?)

Use Guestbook to collect email addresses in your store

Sure, you can simply stick a paper signup form at your cash register, but then you have to manually enter each address into your computer, add them to the right email list and wait until your next planned email send-off to get a shot in the inbox. There’s an easier way, people.

Emma’s app for iPad, Guestbook, is a paper-free (and hassle-free) email signup experience. Simply download the app on your iPad, connect to your Emma account in a few seconds, and make a couple quick decisions about background image and form fields.

Your iPad will turn into the slickest, most stylish email signup form your customers have ever seen, and when they tap in their email address at checkout, they’ll automatically be added to your Emma account.

You can even set up an autoresponder that welcomes your new subscribers right away. Use this welcome note to explain the value of your emails, and consider including a coupon to entice a return visit.

Meet Guestbook for yourself in the video below: