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If Ninja Turtles were email marketers

Because email is the first thing you think of when it comes to the Turtles

Unless you’ve been living inside a shell, you’ve probably heard that there’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie opening in theaters.

We all had our favorite Turtle when we were kids, so it got us thinking: What if the whole ninja thing didn’t work out and they became email marketers instead? (Our email obsession may have hit a new high...reached a new low?)

Leaving aside the fact that the cartoon would be RIVETING, which Turtle would you be?

Leonardo: Leading with data

You’re the tactical leader, always learning from what’s been done before leaping into what’s next. Even though you carry two long katanas everywhere you go, your real weapon is information.

When you don the blue mask to conquer email marketing, you pour over open and click rates, find patterns in your most successful subject lines and lead your team with confidence — because knowledge is Turtle Power. Want to make it easier on yourself? Put down the katanas and pick up your iPhone — our app Metric makes it easy as (pizza) pie to track the success of your mailings from anywhere.

Michelangelo: Breaking all the rules

You’re the free-spirited one, quick to make jokes that can sometimes make your teammates roll their eyes. Or maybe that’s the incessant nunchaku-spinning. (Might want to tone it down, dude.)

When you tie on that orange mask, you’re willing to buck the trend and try something new, even if it sounds crazy — like sending an email focused on just one thing rather than your regular newsletter. The results might even make Raphael yell "Cowabunga!"

Raphael: Creating customer loyalty

You’re known for being aggressive at times — which can be a bit dangerous when you’re wielding a pair of sai — but you’re also fiercely loyal to the people, er, turtles you care about. And maybe also some wise sewer rats. 

If you’re drawn to the red mask, combine your go-getter ’tude with your love for your customers. Boost sales (and brand love) by offering a discount code in your Shopify store — our integration makes it easy to see who’s buying as a result, so you can truly track the ROI of your email marketing. Your boy Leo would be so proud.

Donatello: Innovating through automation

You’re an innovator, always tinkering with whatever’s in front of you to make it better. Maybe it’s your innate technological genius, or maybe it’s because you got stuck with a stick for a weapon.

The purple mask helps you see endless possibilities through smart technology. Start by automating key messages that hit inboxes at just the right time, like with a welcome series that makes long-term fans out of new subscribers. You can also automate emails based on clicked links and dates you store in your contact records, if you’re feeling extra tinker-y.