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How email marketers can be more like Santa Claus

Fall is here, which means it's officially time for marketers to start gearing up for the holiday season. It's a reminder that, in a way, every marketer – heck, every business – is a little like Santa Claus.

Sure, we may not all have his altruistic spirit or a fondness for cookies, milk and reindeer, but we do share one essential trait: We’re all making lists and checking them twice to deliver the best possible content. 

Santa's list versus the email marketer's 

On Old Saint Nick’s list are the names of every child in the world. He checks it with obsessive diligence, noting whether or not each individual boy and girl has been “Naughty” or “Nice.” Then, he uses this behavioral data to determine what each child should receive, hoping to either reinforce good behavior or influence a change in future behavior. If you’re good, you get presents. If you’re bad, you get coal.

On a marketer’s list are all the email addresses of that brand’s best customers, which he or she dotes upon with the same obsessive fervor and segments carefully depending on their past interactions with the brand.

Finding ways to connect

But while everything Santa delivers gets opened, marketers aren’t so lucky.

On average, only 20% of a marketer’s list will open anything they receive, which can limit the marketer’s ability to influence 80% of their audience. Even with successful changes in subject lines or re-activation campaign strategies, whether the message is received or not still relies heavily on the email being opened.

And it’s not that consumers aren’t spending that much time in their inbox. In fact, according to a recent study from Adobe, we spend an average of 6.3 hours a day in our inboxes – which is more than social, web browsing or even watching television.

No. It’s not that they aren’t opening email. It’s that they’re opening other people’s email. There's a ton of competition, so it's up to the marketer to make sure their emails look like the most irresistible present under the tree.

Making magic happen with CRM Retargeting

What marketers need is a little bit of “Santa Magic" – and that’s where CRM Retargeting can help. CRM Retargeting makes it possible for a marketer to use owned customer data (like email list segments) to securely match known customers across any device or browser within logged-in based platforms – like Facebook (Custom Audience), Twitter (Tailored Audience), Google (Customer Match) and LiveIntent (LiveAudience).

Using any of these tools, you can easily pair your marketing message with these email segments (just like you’re already doing) and whenever one of these customers logs into one of these platforms, the person will be served that exact message.

Check out our CRM Retargeting Handbook for more helpful tips.

So, using CRM Retargeting you can reach everyone on your list, even when they’re reading The New York Times' email newsletter. Or when checking status updates on Facebook. Or scrolling through Twitter. Or even watching a YouTube video.

And because this feature is based on login ID’s (email addresses) that are tied to real people and not devices or browsers, like cookies are, you can be sure everyone on your list gets the attention they deserve.

In short... Yes, Virginia. We can all be like Santa Claus.

Learn more about CRM Retargeting by downloading The CRM Retargeting Handbook.

Nick Dujnic is the Director of Demand Generation & Editorial Marketing at LiveIntent. He manages the planning, development and execution of top-of-the-funnel content to drive form completes, web traffic, lead generation and engagement.