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Announcing a change to our opt-out process

A new required button allows subscribers to confirm their opt out

Editor’s note: This change actually only applies to customers who have been moved to our all-new platform. We’re in the process of migrating all Emma accounts to the new platform, which allows us to build and release new features (like the new opt-out process) more quickly.

I’m here to share a change to Emma’s opt-out process, effective today. Historically, unsubscribing from an Emma email has been a one-click process; a recipient of an Emma email clicked the opt-out link to unsubscribe immediately from the list. They saw this confirmation page:

This afternoon, we’re releasing one more step to the opt-out process: a simple screen with a required confirmation button to ensure that the recipient of the email really intends to unsubscribe.

Then, once the confirm button is clicked, they’ll see this page:

So why the change?

Well, we’ve noticed a recent trend of email servers implementing anti-phishing software to verify the authenticity of the emails they process each day (read more about phishing here if it’s an unfamiliar term). One of the ways this software verifies the email is by clicking through each of the links to make sure they don’t redirect somewhere malicious.

When the anti-phishing program clicks on Emma’s opt-out link during this verification process, the end recipient of the email is opted out before the email even lands in their inbox. By pointing the opt-out link to a landing page where another click is required, we’re adding a step beyond the email that the anti-phishing software can’t click on. It requires the button-pushing prowess of a real live human being.

Anti-phishing software is nothing new, but our research shows that these types of programs are being more widely adopted, and we didn’t want our customers’ subscribers to miss out on emails just because a piece of software was verifying an opt-out link. We put our heads together, revisited federal CAN-SPAM regulations to ensure we were following the law and email best practices, and revised our opt-out experience to address the changing email landscape.

Any plans for further changes to the opt-out process?

We never want to compromise our simple opt-out process, but we recognize that there’s always room to fine-tune things and help our customers better understand their audience’s preferences. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions here or via email. We’d love to hear from you.