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7 ways nonprofits (or anyone) can grow their subscriber list

When Emma 25 honoree Agape Animal Rescue asked us for some tips to help them grow their email list, we talked through several ideas that we thought would work for them (and really, anyone else looking to attract new subscribers). The average email list churns by about 30% every year, so a successful email marketing strategy should include activities to keep that list growing. Here are 7 things that nonprofits can start doing today to add new supporters to their email list.

1. Move the signup form to the top of your website
The default for many organizations is to bury their email signup form somewhere on the bottom of their home page. Try moving it to the top. You’ll ensure you get the most eyeballs possible on your signup form without relying on site visitors to scroll all the way down to the bottom.

2. Promote the signup link on social regularly
By definition, your social audience has already shown some interest in your organization, right? So odds are good that some of them would like to take the relationship to the next level by joining your email list. Don’t play hard to get! Make it easy for them by posting the link to your signup form across your social channels on a regular basis.

3. Share email on your social channels after you send
There’s no better way to show the value of joining your list than to share your emails on your social networks after you’ve already sent to your subscribers. Giving your social followers a peek at your emails gives them an idea of the kind of great content they’ll receive once they sign up.

Share emails on your social networks to show the value of joining your list.

4. Create urgency by posting the signup link a couple days before you send an email
A great way to quickly add to your list is to tease the content of an upcoming email on your social channels along with the link to your signup form. People love to be in the know, so your social followers will want to sign up for fear of missing out on a great deal or some exclusive news.

5. Include the signup form link in all email signatures
Think of all the emails you and your colleagues send every day. By adding the link to your signup form to your organization's standard email signature, you make each email an opportunity for someone new to join your list.

6. Collect email addresses at all events
Events are a great place to collect email addresses from people interested in your organization. A good ol’ fashioned pen and pad will do the trick. Or, you can use Guestbook, our iPad app, to take all of the messy handwriting guesswork out of it and automatically add folks to your list.

Build your email list in style from anywhere with Guestbook for iPad.

7. Mobilize your volunteers
Your volunteers are some of your best ambassadors. Ask them to share your emails or post the link to your signup form on their social channels to gain more exposure.

What are some ways that you grow your email list? Let us know in the comments.