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3 email strategies busy agencies can’t live without

What we learned from Impact Golf Marketing

Golfers think about many things when they’re on the course.

Driver or 3-wood? 3-wood.

Will the wind take the shot right, or should I hit a fade? Hit the fade.

Ok, I shanked it. Should I try to break the club over my knee, or throw it in the pond? Save the knee. Club’s getting wet.

One thing golfers don’t think about: email marketing.

That’s where Impact Golf Marketing (IGM) comes in. IGM is a full-service, golf marketing firm dedicated to driving results and revenue for golf clubs and courses throughout the country. As the number one marketer in golf, IGM specializes in custom-built golf marketing strategies and technologies for its clients.

One of those strategies is email marketing. As director of sales and training for IGM, Henry Lister needed a partnership with an email service provider that could:

  • Give clients an intuitive editing experience and lots of template options that make creating great-looking email campaigns easy for people who just aren’t marketers;
  • Offer a way to manage things like client activity in one place and easily switch between client accounts; and
  • Provide exceptional customer support when needs or questions come up.

After doing his homework, Henry chose Emma (a great choice in our totally unbiased opinion).

A consistent, branded experience for clients

With Emma’s agency platform, IGM has built-in account tools to rebrand the account interface with their own logo and colors. Customizing the Emma account interface gives IGM’s clients a seamless brand experience when using their accounts and keeps them connected to the golf marketing experts.

IGM then markets email service to potential clients by highlighting the deliverability rate, ease of use and ability to choose from a whole slew of responsive templates.

“These are golf people, not marketers,” said Henry. “So they love the ability to easily create and send an email that looks really good and professional and has a high deliverability rate.”

Though clients love how easy Emma is to use, they turn to Henry whenever they have questions about using the service. On the rare occasion that he can’t answer the question himself, he appreciates Emma’s knowledgeable and responsive customer service.

“The fact that I can call up Emma and get someone who knows how to fix the problem or answer the question right away is spectacular,” said Henry.

One dashboard for managing multiple client accounts

The central dashboard makes it easy for Henry Lister to access and switch between client accounts.
As someone who manages email marketing for dozens of clients, the ability to quickly access and manage client data and subscriber lists is a huge timesaver for Henry.

“I like being able to find a specific subscriber just by typing in part of the email address or name. I also like being able to move people en masse from one list to another just by checking a few boxes. It makes group management very easy.”

Henry is always trying to help his clients improve the quality of their marketing, so he also appreciates Emma’s ability to compare and test mailings.

“The ability to compare messages and look at trends in open and clickthrough rates for a client is great,” said Henry. “I also like split testing to help them see what’s working to get people to open emails.”

How losing revenue can be a good thing

Henry teaches new clients how to create email campaigns, so he values Emma’s usability.

“Emma is easy to teach, and it’s easy to use. Even those who don’t have any experience using an email system seem to be able to grasp it fairly easily,” said Henry.

In fact, Emma is so easy to use that several of his clients who once paid IGM to do email marketing on their behalf now create their own emails.

Since those clients no longer pay for IGM’s time to create and send, the switch to Emma resulted in some lost revenue in the short term (tugs collar, laughs nervously). But to Henry, this is a good thing.

“It frees up my time to do more business development. So instead of spending so much time creating email campaigns for clients, I get to spend more time working on new products, new services and new clients.”

The takeaways

Own your expertise and your brand. Henry’s agency is the number one marketing agency for golf clubs and courses, and he reminds his clients of the value of his service every time they log in to his rebranded Emma account.

Maximize your account features. Take advantage of audience segmentation tools to easily access client lists and shift subscribers from one group to another. And while you’re at it, split test subject lines, compare mailings and analyze response metrics to improve the effectiveness of your clients’ emails.

Don’t forget the importance of usability. An intuitive campaign creation and account management platform saves you (and your clients) valuable time that can be spent on other pressing matters—like fishing that 3-wood out of the pond.