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Ask Logan: What should designers know about Gmail’s updates?

You may have recently seen an announcement from Gmail promising better emails tailored for all your devices. Here’s what that means.

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3 risky tactics to try in your next email

The best email marketing? It isn’t for the faint of heart, guys.

Sure, sticking to tried-and-true strategies is a popular (and safe) choice. But sometimes, it’s worth taking a big risk for the chance to reap some even bigger rewards. If you’re feeling courageous, here are three risky – but potentially rewarding – strategies to try out in your next campaign.

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4 reasons people aren’t engaging with your email

As an email marketer, chances are good you’ve been here before: You fire off a campaign, the results roll in, your open rates are on par with (or even above) industry averages… but your click rates are dismal.

Since the whole point of your email is to encourage action, it’s a problem marketers everywhere are desperate to solve, stat. But never fear – nine times out of ten, poor engagement can be tied to one of these culprits. Here are four common reasons your audience might not be clicking on your email, plus some actionable tips you can use to boost your click rates for good.

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Deliver the perfect follow-up email. Automatically.

One of our favorite parts of the Emma Plus Advanced Automation suite is the new “if this, send that” functionality. Some people call it branching or conditional logic. We like to call it the perfect follow-up email.

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5 emails you’ll want to steal ideas from

With so much on their plates, it’s easy for marketers to fall into the routine of sending the same type of mailings over and over again. After all, if what you’re doing works, it will continue to work… right? Maybe not. In failing to diversify your content, you risk boring your subscribers, causing them to lose interest in your brand, and – worst of all – inspiring them to hit that dreaded “unsubscribe” link.

One of the best ways to change things up and keep your audience engaged? Get some inspiration from brands already doing it best. Here are 5 emails that stood out in my inbox; use some of their ideas to spice up your emails and get out of your rut for good.

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Announcing Emma for Teams!

The days of sharing one username and password for your Emma account are over. Emma Plus lets you invite up to 10 account users — complete with their own unique usernames, passwords and profile photo — so all of your colleagues can get in on the action.

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Advanced Automation, powered by Emma

There’s a disconnect between the amount of people talking about marketing automation and how many marketers are actually using it to its fullest. The problem is that many of the tools are too complex and clunky and the data needed to do it well isn’t readily available. It’s stressful, and frankly, marketers don’t have time to figure it all out.

Introducing Emma’s Advanced Automation suite.

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You asked, he answered: 5 expert marketing tips from Jay Baer

Last week, we hosted a live Q&A with the one and only Jay Baer (leader of Convince & Convert, highly sought-after keynote speaker, author of several best-selling books, and yes, certified barbecue judge). Those 60 minutes were completely jam-packed full of wisdom and actionable advice you won’t want to miss, so hop on over here to check out the full recording when you get the chance.

But for those looking for a quick dose of inspiration, here were some of the questions we received from attendees, along with the expert advice Jay dished out. Enjoy!

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How university marketers are hitting their goals faster

If you work in the university space, you know that email is a vital channel for fundraising, ticket sales, admissions – the list goes on. But so much email coming from so many departments can lead to chaos, communications overlap, and essential information getting lost in the mix.

That’s where automation comes in. It helps you stay organized, ensure no message slips through the cracks, and get all the right messages to all the right people, whether you’re communicating with students, parents, alumni, staff... you name it. Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples of how smart email automation can help you hit your goals faster, campus-wide.

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