An Honest Talk with Jay Baer

December 17, 2018

Jay Baer (founder of Convince and Convert) answers 17 questions in this webinar along with moderation and thoughts from Shane Phair, CMO at Emma.

Read Jay’s summary of the webinar:

In which of these is mis-information most common?
a) politics
b) celebrity gossip
c) digital marketing
d) all of the above

If you answered (c) or (d), you very much need to sign up for our new Webinar: 17 questions (and 21 answers) about how digital marketing works in 2019: an honest talk with Jay Baer

Jay is old (he’s nearly 50!). Jay is experienced (he’s been in digital marketing since domain names were FREE). Jay is wise (he’s helped more than 700 companies, and started 5 of his own).

And most relevant to this broadcast—Jay is honest.

In this session, you’ll find out the truth about what works and what doesn’t in digital marketing in 2019. Jay will pull no punches. He will protect no feelings. He will slaughter sacred cows and break fragile eggs; all of it in just 59 minutes or less.

Best of all, the questions come from you. What do you need to know about digital marketing in 2019? Attendees included their questions in their registrations.