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The brilliant thing about Emma is that it makes the tool so simple for franchisees to use and it makes marketing easy for them to implement at the local level.


TITLE Boxing Club is a fitness club with 189 locations in 22 states and three countries. Here’s how Emma HQ helps them drive engagement, and increase customer retention and acquisition.


TITLE uses email across all of its locations, where local studios deliver member-facing content; from grand openings to their monthly newsletters, down to every engagement email in between. And with so many different franchise studios operating throughout the country and beyond, maintaining brand consistency was a challenge for the corporate marketing team—until they brought Emma to join them in the ring.

“When deciding to use Emma, we were at a point in growth with our brand that we had grown so quickly that it grew out of hand with email marketing,” said Brooke Budke, Vice President of Marketing at TITLE.

At one point, six to seven different email platforms were used across different franchisees, and the TITLE corporate marketing team quickly realized there was an important problem to solve.

“Up until last year, we had no brand consistency in our email marketing. Since using Emma, we now have amazing brand continuity,” Brooke said. “We have touchpoints with our prospects to our first-time guests to our members that are the same. And we love the way that [Emma] looks, we love the way that it reads to the customer and we love the data that it’s telling us on how it’s increasing our retention.”


Now that they have Emma, Brooke and her team onboard all franchisees onto the platform, helping to fully train and enable them to create beautiful and effective emails, which is especially important when many franchisees aren’t traditional marketers.

“Very few people buy a franchise that are former marketers or CMOs,” Brooke said. “And the brilliant thing about Emma is that it makes the tool so simple for franchisees to use and it makes marketing easy for them to implement at the local level.”

Once a TITLE franchisee is up and running, the asset sharing and template locking features are integral in helping to manage the brand from corporate on down.

“I think the best part about the platform is that, on our end, I’m actually responsible for creating all of the monthly assets, and so then we’re able to just share those down and they can plug and play their specific information for their location,” Laura said.


When it comes to measuring the success of their emails, the TITLE corporate team considers three data points: prospects, to first-time guests, to a studio member. Then they look at what emails they receive, when, and how much the emails influence where their subscriber is in their journey. When TITLE noticed an engagement drop-off from prospect to first-time guest, they looked to email.

“So we introduced an email that goes out to every single prospect that says, ‘Here’s what to expect in your first class.’ Because we know that if we could increase the number of people that are interested to the number of people that show up for their class, that means we’re gonna increase our revenue at the unit level and increase same-store sales. So we always want to track our email behavior to the success of the franchisees and in turn to the success of their profitability.”

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