Customer Case Study: The New School

When we created Emma HQ, we did so with customers like The New School in mind. See how they're putting it to work to engage alumni and meet their goals. 

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- [Carrie] In the amount of time that we've been using Emma, we've seen a 10% increase in our online giving. Looking at this year, we've already achieved over 60% of what we raised online last year, so we're on track to do even better. 

- [Dustin] We use Emma HQ. What I love about it is that it gives you a parent account, a place where you can set all of your brand colors. You can upload logos into the shared library in templates, and it gets distributed through all your subaccounts. 

- [Carrie] With the templates that we have set up, in Emma, we're sort of forced to stay on brand, and we have certain colors set up in the system to use. We have images set up that we can use and, of course, our logos. 

- I think in higher ed, in particular, there's nostalgia when you're working with alumni that relates to a specific color, to a specific font. And, in particular, with an art school, when you've taught half of your population how to build brands and what brand integrity is, you also have to maintain it. 

- [Carrie] One of the features that I use the most in Emma is segmentation. We have a lot of different contact fields within the system, so we can create a segment based on someone's last gift. We can create a segment based on their major, where they live. So, within that, I'm able to make sure I'm targeting the people that I want to be targeting with the right messaging. 

- Emma has this feature that's called the mailing score. It gives you just a general kind of health score of your message. It's helpful so that when we go back and we want to create impactful messages in someone's inbox, we can look back at our 10s, and look at what we had in common in those 10s, so we can continue to build 10 messages. 

- [Carrie] Direct mail, phone-a-thon those things can be really expensive, especially if you want to reach a large audience. With email, we can send to tens of thousands of people multiple times throughout the year. 

- With Emma, I think we're better equipped to reach our goals.

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