Customer Case Study: The Honey Baked Ham Company

When it comes to managing email across multiple locations, for a franchise or restaurant, things can get real tricky. This is one of the reasons why we created Emma HQ—used by The Honey Baked Ham Company for their stores around the world. See how they use the platform to send effective emails that help grow their business, increase revenue, and drive in-store engagement. 
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[Carl] The Honey Baked Ham Company is, short answer, the world's best ham.

[Ash] The Honey Baked Ham Company has been around since 1957. We have a little over 412 locations across the United States and two in Japan.

[Ryne] We want to engage with our customers. We want them to feel like they're part of the Honey Baked Ham family.

[Carl] With Emma, we're able to have our large national corporate account where we can blast our database of 1 million or so, but if we need to drill down to the store level with a little bit more personalization, that's also easily done as well.

[Ryne] Emma is a great platform because it's so easy to maneuver and it's so operable, but even those people who aren't necessarily digitally, I guess, savvy, they're the ones that can get on board and say, "Oh, I get this right away." It's so intuitive and it's so easy.

[Carl] One of the great things about Emma HQ is the approvals process. As much as we love our stores and we love our franchises, sometimes people aren't always on the same page. When I look at an email, I can quickly see whether or not they use one of the templates that we provided for them or whether they created something on their own, how it looks, and I can quickly respond or make adjustments to that as needed.

[Ash] And they actually like that there's a review process in place because as you all know, we all make spelling mistakes and grammar errors and they're always quick to get things out the door and so it really helps to have that secondary level to look at it and approve it. It makes them feel comfortable that every time they click send, it just automatically just goes out there and they feel a little more like, okay, good. It's going to be kind of more thought through and looked at.

[Carl] It's really great to see sort of that relationship between when you send an email from Emma and you start to get immediate results, you know that that email is landing in people's inboxes. They are clicking it, they're engaged, and they're actually clicking through the office and at the end of the day, they're going into the store, which is what we wanted them to do.

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