Customer Case Study: Kansas State University Foundation

When we created Emma HQ, we did so with customers like Kansas State University Foundation in mind. See how they're putting it to work to engage alumni and meet their goals.

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[Dana] I enjoy what I do. I enjoy being able to see fellow K-Staters and alumni give back to their Alma Mater and be excited and passionate about it.

[Sara] We engage and inspire as many K-Staters and friends of K State to give back to the university.

[Dana] I am executing mail and email. So our mail strategy throughout the year, as well as our email strategy.

[Sara] We have multiple channels that are building and layering upon each other. And so email can work in a variety of ways.

[Dana] I love most about Emma is that I can make an email in the matter of minutes that still looks professional and branded and great and send it out by the end of the day.

[Sara] We can link videos, we can, bring in great design and a great frame that that really helps identify and brand our messaging.

[Dana] Our audience never has to wonder if the email that they get in their inbox is actually from us. They all look consistent. I never have to wonder if I missed a logo or a branding mark in any way.

[Sara] Emma allows us to do A/B testing and allows us to explore different design concepts so that we can truly personalize and show our alumni and our friends that we know them.

[Dana] I love being able to like, use a platform that makes me feel proud of the things that I can put in front of K-Staters. 'Cause it's something that means a lot to me.

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