The power of saying thanks

Good news, Mom: good etiquette is alive and well in email marketing

Every Emma account comes with a collection of free "thank you" email templates, so you can be grateful and look good doing it.

When I was growing up, my mom taught both grammar and etiquette ("No passive voice at the dinner table, dear!"), so this time of year, I cannot help but write thank-you notes to friends and family for their holiday generosity.

I always put it off for a while, but when I finally sit down to say thanks, I relish the chance to say something kind -- with real ink! -- to the people I love the most, especially when I consider how great getting a thank-you note makes me feel.

And it turns out I'm not alone. Over at Eloqua, they found that emails with "thank you" or "thanks" in the subject line brought in a 14% higher click-through rate than their unthankful counterparts.

The results we saw in the thank-you email we sent to our customers at the end of 2012 were even more dramatic, bringing in 40% more opens than our typical send-off.

Who's on your list to thank? Take a look at our gallery of thank-you templates (free for Emma customers!) and get inspired to share some kind words.