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11 downright spooky email marketing stats

We all have our fears: Heights. Spiders. That horrifying clown from the movie “It."

But nothing scares today’s marketers quite as much as cold, hard data. That’s right – there are numbers out there that can make even the most intrepid marketer’s spine tingle. So in honor of Halloween, we’ve gathered some truly spooky stats that will haunt your marketing dreams and encourage you to up your email game… or else.

Before you get too freaked out, we also added some helpful tips on how to deal with this spooktacular data. Enjoy, and happy haunting!

1. 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance (MarketingSherpa).



So be sure to give your leads the attention they deserve. Nurture them with a welcome series full of engaging, valuable content and watch your conversion rates skyrocket!

2. 64% of CMOs have either an informal or no process to manage their marketing automation (The Annuitas Group).


Automation is the best way to send more timely, relevant emails to your audience at scale – averaging 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click rates (Episilon Email Institue) – but allowing it run amok without oversight is truly terrifying. Give automation the attention it deserves, and you’ll reap huge rewards.

3. 69% of email recipients will report an email as spam solely based on the subject line (Convince and Convert).



Craft killer subject lines that will inspire opens from your audience, and avoid scaring off subscribers with spammy words like “free” and “blowout,” excessive exclamation points, or typing in ALL CAPS.

4. The average email list churns by 30% every year (Waldow, Falls).



Find a strategy to combat the natural churn your email list will face. A simple fix? Deploy a lightbox-style signup form on your website. Emma customers have experienced as much as a 700% lift in signups after using one!

5. 80% of consumers will delete an email if it doesn’t look good on their device (Litmus).

6. 39% of marketers have no strategy for mobile email (Litmus).



And now that over half of all email is opened on a mobile device, ignoring mobile in your own campaigns is “Here's Johnny!”-level crazy for marketers. For tips on making your emails look amazing on any screen size, check out our mobile guide.

7.  56% of people unsubscribe from emails due to content that’s no longer relevant (Chadwick Martin Bailey).


Eek! You work hard to get people on your email list, so make sure your subscribers stick around by making your emails as relevant and targeted as possible. And if you need some help, check out these handy tips and best practices.

8. 78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing (Social Times).

9. Only 17% of US email marketers use personalization (Mail Jet).



The takeaway from these stats? Personalize everything! From simple tactics like adding a subscriber’s name to a subject line to helpful cutting-edge tools like dynamic content, email personalization means everything when it comes to the success of your emails.

10. 43% of email recipients report emails as spam based on the “from” name (Search Engine People).


Optimize your “from” name by making it recognizable and providing as much context as possible. If a subscriber signs up to hear from “Emma, Inc.” but gets an email from “McKenzie,” they likely won’t take the time to make the connection and will report the email as spam. So make it crystal clear that they’re hearing from someone they elected to receive emails from.

11. The average person gets 121 emails a day (The Radicati Group).



Talk about some serious competition! Inboxes are more crowded than ever, so you have to do everything you can to make yours stand out. Thankfully, with help from a few smart marketing tactics, you can craft emails as popular as the house that gives out king-size candy bars on Halloween night.

Have you used any of your own tricks (or treats) to overcome these spooky stats? Let us know in the comments!