3 features your fitness brand needs in an ESP

3 features your fitness brand needs in an ESP


No matter what their ultimate goal may be, your facility and services are often at the heart of your members’ health and wellness journey. Every email sent is another opportunity to stay both relevant and genuine to their lifestyle. This is where the magic of a quality ESP comes into play!


Whether boutique studio or large franchise, the industry’s fastest growing fitness brands engage with guests and drive more memberships with a solid email marketing strategy. Here’s 3 features your fitness brand should be looking for in an ESP: 



Running a business is no easy task! This is especially true when it comes to the small details that set you apart from your competition. With a strong marketing automation suite, it is easy and convenient to create targeted messaging personalized to your subscribers’ actions. From purchases, to web visits, to reviews, automation allows you to capture the data and put it to work, saving you both time and resources. There are 3 factors to always keep in mind when creating a marketing automation strategy: 



Ah, yes. The welcome email. With an average open rate of 50%, this step isn’t one you want to take lightly. After Emma takes care of the welcome email, it also assists with other time-sensitive messaging like birthdays and scheduled class reminders. 



Taking your email marketing to the next step with personalized messaging, such as abandoned cart reminders, can lift transaction rates 6 times higher and generate 18 times more revenue than standard newsletters. Emma’s targeted marketing solutions allow you to capture your subscribers’ activity and use it to personalize each communication with them according to their stage in the funnel. 



Timeliness and personalization both contribute to the relevancy of the messages you send subscribers. An automated nurturing series-a series of helpful, relevant content intended to nurture leads-results in 47% larger purchases. Nurturing your leads helps to keep your brand relevant to subscribers and their preferences. 



With the help of your ESP, you’ve created a group of solid emails that are robust with strategic content and amazing graphics...now what? 


You should take it a step further with list segmentation tools that make it easy to define the best possible audience for the email you’d like to send. By creating real time collections of your subscribers based on predefined criteria (zip code, birthday, engagement with prior mailing, etc.), you establish a more user experience-centric marketing strategy. Organized by static folders for convenient search and editing, groups are easily defined when creating new segments and nurture paths for your subscribers.  It’s a win-win situation!



Analytics reporting is key to learning, planning and executing the marketing goals you’ve set for your brand. What’s really working? Tracking subscribers’ engagement with the content you send them can provide unique data about message appeal, click-through rates, time preferences and more! 

Here’s a few ways analytics tools can take some of the weight off of your plate, saving you both time and resources. 

Convenient Dashboard

A dashboard that offers a convenient snapshot of positive, and not so positive, trends in your automated marketing strategy can be critical to your marketing strategy. Data collected when tracking a campaigns’ performance, successful or not, can be extremely insightful for future campaigns and initiatives, which is what makes the response dashboard such a valuable feature. 


Mailing Score

This metric provides you with a simple measurement of how your current content is performing in comparison to content from the past. From here, you can even export results into reports for easy sharing and collaboration. This feature makes benchmarking a less daunting task, easily completed by any manager. 


Click Map

It’s tiny details like where your subscriber decided to click in the content of your email that, with the proper tracking, could result in large conversion rates. A click map feature is a click-based heat map that reveals key words and phrases that appeal specifically to your audience and their lifestyle simply by tracking their clicks within your email. 


Business management and ownership can get heavy. Learn more about how Emma can spot you when it's time for the heavy lifting of email marketing. 

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