Our favorite digital marketing tools for teams


These days, it seems like there's constantly a new, shiny tool available to marketers. And like many cross-functional marketing teams, we rely on quite a few of them to make our work lives easier. 

As our team has grown and our goals have shifted, we've experimented with a lot of different platforms over the years. Here are some of the ones we trust the most to help us collaborate effectively and get work done on a day-to-day basis. 


1. Slack 

Honestly, how did marketers ever exist in a world without Slack?

Sometimes, it feels like a blessing and a curse (anyone who's downloaded the app to their phone knows what it's like to constantly be connected to your work life), but there's no denying that Slack has become an integral part of how our team functions. Whether it's one-off messages, quick copy or design approvals, or larger project discussions, Slack allows our team to communicate with one another and with other teams around the house effectively. 


(Source: slack.com)


2. Basecamp 

With an endless number of projects rolling in every day, it's important to keep all the moving pieces as organized as possible. Over the years, our team has tried out an insane number of project management tools. While they all had their benefits, none have worked as well for us as Basecamp. It satisfies the needs of our creatives, our writers, and our analysts, while also allowing us to work effectively with outside agencies and freelancers. 


3. Optimizely 

When working on a major project with multiple people, there are bound to be disagreements on strategy. The best way to resolve them? Testing. Optimizely allows us to settle disputes with hard data by easily launching measurable tests, and it's user-friendly enough that anyone on the team can easily dive in and see what the numbers are telling us. 


4. Moz 

SEO is another one of those amorphous marketing disciplines that touches a lot of people on our team. The great thing about Moz is that it provides the kinds of insights we all want, from structural site issues for our devs to keyword research for our content marketers. 


(Source: moz.com)


5. Zoom 

If your company has multiple locations or remote workers, you know how irritating it is to experience video chat or conference call issues on the regular. Since we have offices all over the world, switching to Zoom made cross-location communication so much easier for us. 

One of our favorite features is the ability to simply click a button in your Google Calendar and make any meeting a Zoom meeting. There are occasional kinks, but so far, it's been the most reliable system we've used to ensure meetings go smoothly, no matter where everyone's dialing in from. 


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