9 welcome emails that had us at “hello”


We talk about automated welcome emails A LOT here on the Emma blog. So at this point, you’re probably pretty well acquainted with our “Why are you not sending an automated welcome email?” spiel, which usually includes stats like these...

• The average open rate for welcome emails is 50%, making them 86% more effective than email newsletters.
• Only 57.7% of companies greet new subscribers with a welcome note.
• Welcome messages typically have 4 times the open rate and 5 times the clickthrough rate of other bulk mailings.
• Subscribers who receive a welcome email show more long-term engagement with a brand – 33% more, on average.

But like eating kale every day, just because you know you should be sending an automated welcome email doesn’t mean you are. So to get your creative juices flowing, here are nine fantastic campaigns you can use to inspire your own welcome email (or make your current one even better).



1. Fender

Not only is this welcome note from Fender beautiful and totally on-brand, it’s also packed with value: Along with their online store, they highlight all of the great content on their website, ranging from exclusive performances to a full library of music lessons to their super engaged online community.




2. Gigi’s Cupcakes

Bright and festive, Gigi’s welcome email gives new subscribers a sweet taste of their brand – and an easy way to quickly order a cupcake (or two… or ten) online. We love the simplicity of this mailing: Keeping the focus on a single CTA is often much more effective than trying to load way too much information into your first touch.




3. Pizza Hut

Humans are hardwired to pay the most attention to images of people, danger, and food. Pizza Hut capitalizes on the last of those primal instincts by including a huge, mouthwatering image of cheese sticks in their welcome email – and enticing new subscribers to order immediately by offering them up for free. It’s a clever tactic, and we bet it leads to some killer conversion rates (and cures for the munchies).




4. Patagonia

Patagonia does a ton of great things in their first-touch email: First of all, they keep things super personal by welcoming new subscribers to “the family” and encouraging them to reach out any time for assistance. Second, they set very clear expectations for what they’ll be sending out, from product highlights to environmental action alerts.




5. REI

Another outdoor apparel brand, another dynamite welcome email. We’re all about the hero image in this mailing: It draws the eye with a big ol' “Welcome!” and immediately jumps into copy (and a coupon) expressing the brand’s appreciation. And in the “Help Us Get It Right” section, they ask subscribers for their interests and preferences – a smart way to help them start segmenting right out the gate so they can send the most relevant emails possible.




6. NBC

Oftentimes, simpler is better. NBC greets new subscribers with a welcome email that hardly contains any copy. Instead, they keep the focus on big, colorful images, a special offer, and an invitation to connect with their brand on social. The result? A clean, easy-to-scan message that creates an awesome first impression.




7. Boden

Boden is one of our favorites to watch for email marketing inspiration, and their welcome email sets a high bar for retail brands. The top nav makes it easy for new subscribers to access the merchandise they’re most interested in, and they immediately boost conversions with free shipping (not offering it is the #1 reason for cart abandonment). Plus, a link in the footer encourages people to refer a friend in exchange for a discount – an easy way to help grow your audience organically.




8. JackThreads

People respond super well to copy that indicates some sort of exclusivity – after all, who doesn’t want to be a part of something special? And this welcome email from JackThreads does it best with a big, bold statement everybody (not in a horror movie) likes to hear: “You’re one of us now.”




9. Typeform

These tactics don’t just apply to B2C marketing! We’re head-over-heels for this welcome message from Typeform, a company that helps brands build better, more beautiful forms. The tile format helps people easily find the template they’re most interested in and quickly get started on their first typeform. (And how about the beard on that header logo!) Plus, the staff photo at the bottom gives it a nice personal touch.




Have you seen any top-notch welcome emails lately? Share the link (or tell us about them) in the comments!



About the Author

McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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