7 Tips for your next product launch email campaign

Your team’s finally ready to launch the next big product, but you’re not sure how to approach the product launch email campaign. 

You know you need to spark interest in your new lineup, but you just need pointers on how to do it.

A product launch email campaign isn’t one simple email you send the day before your product launches. Rather, it’s a series of emails you put together to get people excited about what’s coming. It needs to be carefully planned and scheduled.

Before you get started on your next campaign, take a look at these examples of product launch email campaigns that work, plus learn how to optimize your campaign for success. 

Why put together a product launch email campaign?

You’ve put a lot of work into developing your new product and want to see stellar sales on your launch date. A product launch email can generate hype around your new product or service. 

And email is still one of the leading marketing channels for online businesses. 

Here’s why you need to put together a complete product launch email campaign for your next big debut:

  • Automated email campaigns: You can see higher open rates using automated messages, with an average rate of over 70%. And you can see click-through rates that are 152% higher than with one-off email messages. 

  • Customer acquisition: While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can lead to new customers, email is 40 times better at customer acquisition than either of the two social media platforms.

  • Higher return on investment (ROI): Direct mail is still used by some businesses, but it only has a 7% ROI. Email, on the other hand, has an ROI of more than 28%.  

These statistics highlight the importance of using email campaigns. However, consider what makes a product launch email campaign a good idea:

  • You can ramp up interest in your product before it launches. Product launch email campaigns are the perfect chance to share valuable information about your new product.

  • You have an opportunity to craft a VIP email list to get new subscribers. Asking people to sign up for an exclusive list will generate excitement and encourage people to give you their email.

  • You can put together a series of emails until the launch date. A series of emails that offer new insight or information about the product can lead to more interest. 

Since email’s still at the top of the marketing list, a product launch email puts you in control of how people receive information about your new product. You can roll out as much or as little as you want – when you want.

7 tips for your next product launch email campaign

Your next product launch email campaign doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use these tips to put together an effective campaign that excites potential customers.

1. Stick with a simple, informative subject line

Your subject line is the most important component in your email. It doesn’t matter what your content looks like if people won’t open your email. 

Take a look at this product launch email campaign example from Austin Eastciders for their newest cider flavor.

Austin East Ciders email

Source: Really Good Emails

Their subject line, “Our Newest Flavor Of Cider Is Here 🎊,” was a short and effective choice. Austin Eastciders gave just enough information to draw the reader in, but not enough to spoil the surprise. 

The key here: You want to catch your reader’s attention and still get them to open your email.

2. Use an eye-catching email design that complements your product

Email design is a critical component in any campaign. 

Whether your brand emphasizes a minimalistic style or trends toward bold, vibrant colors, you’ll want to design an email series that complements the product you’re offering – like Topo Designs did with their new product line.


Topo designs email

Source: Really Good Emails

Topo Designs sent an email campaign for new colors in their popular styles. Instead of randomly choosing a color to highlight, they picked a strategic color to design their email around. You’ll notice the email’s color block design complements the new product colors. 

3. Include a relevant call-to-action (CTA) that drives traffic to your site 

If you don’t include a compelling CTA, your email isn’t going to perform. You don’t need to spend as much time on this as you do your subject line, but you do want to know where you plan to send people on your site. 

Casper opted for a simple CTA in their product launch email.

Casper email example

Source: Really Good Emails

If you’re just launching a single new product, a concise “shop now” button is all you need to point people in the right direction. 

If you’re offering a new service, you may use something like “learn more” or “try it now.” Just don’t forget the importance of button design.

4. Try using animated graphics in your email campaign

Graphics and images are one way to keep readers interested in what you’re offering. Animated graphics in your email design or GIFs in your content are both great ways to compel people to keep reading your email. Check out this example from Great Jones.

Great Jones email example

Source: Really Good Emails

With two new color additions to their lineup, Great Jones put together an animated email that flashes back and forth between black and white (the two new colors they’re offering). 

If a flashing email campaign sounds a bit overwhelming, you can stick with inserting a few GIFs instead.

5. Highlight product variations for maximum impact

When you’re offering a product that has many uses, your product launch email should highlight all the various ways someone can use it. More people will appreciate your campaign if they see how your product can benefit them. 

Look at this example from Apple.

Apple email example for iOS Design Kit

Source: Really Good Emails

In one of Apple’s recent updates, they made improvements to their iOS Design Kit. To show how the updates were useful to a variety of app designers, they included screenshots of different templates for developers.

6. Include videos in your content to engage your readers

Videos are an excellent way to communicate information via email without writing a novel. You can include customer testimonials, product reviews, or a message from the CEO. 

Airtable put together a video for one of their newest features.

Airtable email highlighting newest feature

Source: Really Good Emails

In their video, Airtable highlighted how their new feature works. They included high-quality graphics and screenshots of their platform, along with some text that hinted at the project’s secrecy. 

This approach creates intrigue for readers who need to know more about what you’re offering.

7. Add customer reviews and testimonials to your campaign

Including customer reviews is a great way to add legitimacy to your product launch campaign. You can even include reviews to similar products, or reviews from beta testers (if you have them). 

Follow this example from Nokia when they launched the Nokia Home.

Nokia email about Nokia Home

Source: Really Good Emails

Nokia used an anonymous comment from a user on Amazon to call out how much people enjoy their new product. 

You can take the same route, or you can ask one of your current customers to provide a testimonial to include in your email.

How to optimize your product launch email campaign

You don’t just want to craft the perfect product launch email campaign – you want to make sure it reaches the right audience at the right time. 

To get the most out of your campaign, follow these email best practices:

  • List segmentation: Targeting the right people will help boost your conversion rates. Segment your list around an age range or geographic location that may want your new product. 

  • Send day and time: This will vary from business to business, but do some A/B testing to determine the best time to send your email campaign.

  • Email personalization: People appreciate receiving emails that are important to them. Use data to send product launch campaigns to the people who want them. 

Optimizing your product launch email campaign will help you generate better results. You’ll see higher conversion rates and more engagement from your subscribers. 

Wrap up

With a simple plan, you can put together a product launch email campaign that’ll ramp up interest in your new product. And when done right, you’ll see more people on your email list. 

Here’s what to remember when you start crafting your email campaign:

  • Subject lines are critical to seeing better conversion rates. Spend extra time on these. 

  • A compelling CTA is necessary to drive traffic to your site. Draw attention to your CTA button.

  • Email design can make or break a campaign. Use complementary colors and simple elements.

Create a series of emails for your product launch campaign and make sure you optimize when planning to send them. And don’t forget to use email automation to make your life easier. 

Looking for an email marketing tool to help you design and send beautiful emails? Emma is packed with features to make your next campaign a success. 

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