6 Templates to make your thank you emails stand out

Thank you emails are an important part of business for many brands across many verticals. And they can be tricky, as it’s important to be emotional and also authentic.

Every client deserves a thank you email. Once an agreement is made between business and client, recognizing the efforts via email is a valuable way of honoring that agreement.

The most notable thank you email is the one that will go to a user immediately after a purchase. Say a client or consumer is on the fence about their purchasing decision, yet they’re finally convinced it’s the right move.

The thank you email then gets sent either through automation or direct B2C correspondence. Digital marketing through emails is based more on mass appeal and how to reach the ever-evolving channels of the user experience.

The thank you email business relationship.

To enhance the business relationship, whether through social media or digital marketing content, it’s important to remember that follow-through correspondence is the key to success. Most people that a business targets for sending out an automated thank you email find that despite the immediate intention, a monthly update to the actual automated email is an asset to a successful relationship.


To enhance the business relationship, whether through social media or digital marketing content, it’s important to remember that follow-through correspondence is the key to success.

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Thank you emails also solidify the relationship, ensuring an open-door policy for communication. The key is to speak from the heart, identify the needs of the client prior to hitting the send button, and adhere to active listening should something go awry.

Read on to discover template options for thank you emails with varying types of business. The wording must be sensitive and accommodating as templates are set up to promote a re-engagement campaign that gets results.

6 examples of thank you email templates for B2C Users

Client retention is primary with thank you emails. Here are six examples of how template jargon may look and how each stands out for their respective audiences:

1. Thank you for your feedback

Businesses love to read reviews from their customers. Sending a thank you email following a purchase that includes a survey can encourage the customer to see that the business cares. These emails also create a user’s experience and how a business or brand can accommodate accordingly.

2. Thank you for the referral

When a customer is happy with services received, they’ll naturally give a referral to another (hopefully). A thank you for your referral email is designed to continue the networking potential, to offer any discounts through the referral, and to keep the business relationship on the up and up.

3. Thank you for donating to our cause

Oftentimes, another limb of a successful business is philanthropy. A consumer who has been a member or registrant, or client of a quality business in any market is offered an opportunity to contribute to a cause the business selects as their advocacy. Donation thank you emails bridge a gap between asking for money and promoting a mission. It tends to give the user a pleasant experience on how the business conducts itself in the marketplace.

4. Thank you for selecting us as your provider

Whether an internet networking solution, a new telephone service, or an offbeat download in the electronic industry, the thank you email from large corporations is everything. It’s generally an automated email yet it packs a punch for the recipient. It’s a simple message which requires a cognitive response. In fact, a phone call might ensue thereafter by the recipient as the line for communication have opened up.

5. Thank you for your attendance

Money isn’t always the necessary outcome for thank you emails. As a matter of fact, if a business holds a function or celebration for their years in the marketplace, those in attendance will automatically receive a thank you email. These might be handwritten on classy note cards.

In this case, these emails give the reader a personal touch. Conducting seminars also hold value for thank you emails in this category. If a user is learning and paying good money to attend, it’s a viable practice to send out a thank you email for their attendance.


If a user is learning and paying good money to attend, it’s a viable practice to send out a thank you email for their attendance.

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6. Thank you for your support

No matter the type of business or industry, a consumer enjoys hearing that their support is meaningful and that it matters. There might not even be an exchange of money that warrants the communication; it’s more of an acknowledgement email that the consumers’ support of the businesses’ efforts are seen and heard.

3 Types of targeted thank you emails.

In the vertical sales world of business to consumer, there are three market types who are poised to increase their presence and sales with thank you emails.

The templates for the following have merit and style to maintain an ongoing relationship with their attendees:


Two examples for creating a thank you email template for the restaurant industry include:

  • Thank you for your dining with us – A dining experience is widely regarded as when guest needs are met beyond great food and great service. A memorable moment at a restaurant can make or break the bottom line. Acknowledging the customer with a thank you email shows how much value the guest brings each time they make a reservation. It’s also way to extend your brand.

  • Thank you for your sincerity and communication – Greeting guests at a restaurant begins with the hostess and ends with the manager paying a visit to each table of patrons. Starting up a conversation about the food, the service, and whatever the restaurant can do to make things better is why a thank you email post dining visit will keep the customers returning.


Strategy for business expansion is vital to a franchise operation. The brand or entrepreneur enters into a licensing agreement to market goods and services under the same name of the business, only to legally use their ideas, their expertise, and their processes.

Franchise thank you emails require more thought and connection to the consumer or user due to the nature of not wanting to repeat every method the franchise used. The franchisee needs to have an original means of communication, which helps in these types of scenarios.

Two thank you email templates for franchise owners may contain the following:

  • Thank you for the opportunity to do business with us – If a franchise is new to the marketplace in their respective industry, sending a warm thank you email invites repeat business. A handwritten email can suffice at the beginning of the launch, and an automated thank you email can follow once the business is booming.

  • Thank you for trying out our new product – A typical franchise is offering goods and services. Most of these are accompanied with guarantees or warranties, and a thank you email to the consumer shows how much a review can help, or in-person feedback might go a long way in a franchisee’s success.


Higher education and college universities are directly choosing to appeal to potential candidates who frequent their campuses. The dean, coaches, admissions officers, and heads of programs, all want to reach out to new high school graduates.

Here are some example thank you templates universities might want to use:

  • Thank you for considering an academic career with us – When a student visits the campus and inquires about its programs, the university responds immediately with an automated thank you email to either the parents of the student or the student themselves. A thank you email signed by the dean of the university is a reassurance for all involved. Whether the student chooses to enroll is another story. What matters is the visit was acknowledged and the student is encouraged.

  • Thank you for enrolling in our scholarship programs – Many colleges offer merit awards to undergraduates in an effort to entice their admission. It’s a strategy that’s become popular in more recent times however when the university sends a thank you email to the undergrad for enrolling in one of the university’s scholarship programs, a connection is formed. The student can’t pass up a quality offering and the university gains more notoriety.

Wrap Up

The power of the thank you email templates that span several verticals is a testament to integrity between client and business.

  • No longer do marketing practices adhere to silence. There has to be communication following a user experience or consumer purchase.

  • Within every industry is automation. As the prominence of automated correspondence thrives, so too does the marketplace recognition. Humans are wired to receive letters of gratitude. The more the merrier.

  • Once a thank you email has been generated from B2C, the rest is easy. Following a template promises organization, timeliness, and attention to detail. Thank you email templates create a unique environment for businesses that might be unorganized or not have the proper manpower to write each one by hand.

  • Standing out from the crowd is a badge of honor for a business or institution. Doesn’t it make sense to deliver a message to people who are loyal and repeat customers?

Have a thank you email template game plan. Let us know how we can help a seamless transition from user experience to user gratitude.


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