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11 Brilliant Emailsfrom our favorite brands

We love our customers. It seems like every day someone creates an email that inspires all of us to up our marketing game. So here are 11 of our customers best (in no particular order) along with the smart strategies that make them so effective. Featuring:

Charity: Water

Tell a story (and make an impact)

Saying thank you just because is powerful, especially in the nonprofit world. This email from charity: water hits all the right notes: appreciation for subscriber support, demonstration of their impact, and a powerful call to action. And, it features a beautiful header and an enticing video, to boot.

Preppy Pineapple

One dazzling happy birthday email

An automated, personalized birthday message is an absolute must in the email marketing game these days. But that doesn’t mean you can just mail it in and expect it to work. Add in a bright, sparkling GIF like this one to stand out from the crowd and give subscribers a nice, warm-and-fuzzy impression of your brand.

The Dessy Group

The ultimate win-win

Re-engagement emails to your inactive subscribers are a beautiful thing. Take this example from The Dessy Group. Theyll see who’s still interested, learn a lot more about them based on what they click, and potentially generate immediate sales (nice, subtle discount in the header). And worst case scenario, they'll be able to clean up their email list.

Texas A&M

A not-so-standard university newsletter

This email from Texas A&M Foundation is a master class in how to share a lot of information in a fun, digestible way. Breaking up the content into clearly defined buckets with compelling headlines makes it easy to scan on a mobile phone. And who can deny the rapping professor GIF in the header? Talk about an attention grabber.


Dynamic Content done right

ecobees thermostats keep your home comfortable and save energy  helping both the environment and your wallet. In this email, they tell each subscriber exactly how much energy they’ve saved with ecobee products using dynamic content blocks. Its relevant, personalized email at its finest.

PGC Basketball

This welcome email scores major points

The best way to introduce your brand to new subscribers? Set up an automated email to fire off immediately upon signup. This welcome note does it all: It says thanks to new subscribers, tells them what to expect in future emails, offers up a discount, and allows them to set their preferences.

Orangetheory Fitness

The more targeted the better

The secret to successful email is surprisingly simple: Know your audience. Segment accordingly. Orangetheory Fitness tends to attract a ton of brides-to-be hoping to get fit before their big day, so the brand launched this brilliant campaign. It looks great and shows the brand is truly paying attention to their subscribers interests and goals.

Telluride Truffle

An undeniable referral program

One of the great things about your current subscribers is that theyre connected with other like-minded individuals who might be interested in your brand. Here, Telluride Truffle incentivizes customers to spread the love with an oh-so-sweet bonus offer. And since people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend, its a super smart move.

Thistle Farms

A little inspiration from those doing it best

These days, many charitable organizations also operate as retailers. A perfect example? This year, Nashville nonprofit Thistle Farms chose to go big on the holidays  and give traditional retail brands a run for their money  with this festive promo for products that give back.

Patina Restaurant Group

When (delicious) images tell the story

Thanks to a clean layout, you can quickly scan through this email and select the restaurant of your Thanksgiving dreams. And since the human brain is hardwired to respond to images of food, putting the emphasis on those delicious-looking dishes compels subscribers to make a reservation sooner rather than later.

The Escape Game

A dynamic way to say thanks

After someone plays The Escape Game for the first time, the brand follows up with this timely, automated thank you note. Offering a sweet discount encourages repeat visits, and a dynamic header image (which changes based on the location the recipient experienced) helps remind them of all the fun they had making their escape the first time around.

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