Inspiration: 5 of our favorite email copywriting examples

There are only so many words out there and so many ways to put them together to create original copy… and yet, we are always in need of more. Bloggers, ghostwriters, journalists, and marketers are always in need of new email copywriting examples, blog copywriting examples and print copywriting examples. 

Being a copywriter is no easy feat, especially when you are in charge of creating top-quality, original content for your brand or for others. 

Defining a copywriter

Now, just to clarify, let’s get the definition of a copywriter out of the way before we look at what goes into high-quality copywriting.

To put it simply, a copywriter is a writer of advertising or marketing copy. This copy can come in a variety of different forms, including:

  • Email copy

  • Social media copy

  • Print copy (e.g. Brochures, flyers, etc.)

  • Website copy

  • Blog copy

  • Script copy for videos & radio

When your inspiration begins to wear thin, one of the first things you do is go searching for inspirational examples from other’s in your industry, and that’s just what we’ve done. For this post, we’ll focus in on not only why having exceptional email copy is vital, but we’ll also look at some high-quality, real-world examples as well. 

Why is your email copy so important?

Let’s face it; whether it’s for email, print material or your website, the copywriting will make up the largest portion of your marketing piece. Yes, you should be including a variety of other aspects to your message, including images, videos, and GIFs, however, it’s the actual copy that your audience will be turning to. 

Remember, people are coming to you and/or subscribing to your email lists because they believe you have something that will be of value to them. While visuals are essential, it’s the copywriting that is going to capture their attention and hopefully entice them to move along your consumer life cycle. 

When it comes done to top-quality email copywriting examples, the best of the best include the following elements.

Tells a story

Throwing a bunch of facts and stats at someone is never a good idea, and that is especially true for email copywriting. Successful email copywriting will tell readers a story, no matter what the topic is. Let’s take a quick look at two email ads.

In this first example, the ad is just that, a bunch of product descriptions and price points. There is nothing here that is going to capture the reader's attention and hold it long enough to encourage them to act.

Tanga Email Ad for Today's Deals

Source: Milled

In this second example from the brand Loft, readers are treated to excellent email copywriting that reads as if it’s a story. Clearly, this email is talking about joining the rewards program, and it makes the reader feel as if they could become a part of the story as well. 

Loft Loyalty Rewards Email

Source: Milled

Here’s the big takeaway: 

  • Email 1: This message is icy and only out for a sale. It gives us no reason to want to act unless we see a deal that we’ve been looking for.

  • Email 2: This message clearly wants us to go out of our way to join their loyalty program, but it makes us feel as if we are getting something extra special. 

Make your readers feel as if they are apart of the narrative, not as if they are just a sale. 

Entices readers

While quality storytelling skills are vital to great email copywriting, so is the ability to create a sense of intrigue. Capturing your reader’s attention takes skill because it’s not as easy as it used to be. There is always something new to be looking at, so why is your brand’s new thing so important that I should read up on it?

Creative use of phrases such as “sneak peek,” “top 10 ways,” and so on are great ways to entice your readers, and these are best placed in the header information of your email. That would include your subject line, preheader text, and at the very beginning of your email copy

Makes the piece of copy about the reader

Proper email copywriting should be about your reader, not about you. Most marketing emails have the same goal – to make a conversion. However, in order to do that, your copywriting needs to make the reader believe that you don’t want them to buy from you, but that they need something from you and that you can supply it to them. 

The key words there are that they must believe that they need you, not that you need them. 

Creates a sense of urgency that makes readers act

Finally, you want to make your email the email to act on. To do that, your email copywriting must create a sense of urgency. Without urgency, there is no need to act right this second, so your email can and will likely get pushed off to the side and be forgotten. 

Take this example from Uber—at this point, it looks as if the reader is already working as a driver, or at the very least is considering it. So, in order to calm any worried mind debating how safe it is for drivers to partake in these services, Uber begins this message with “Peace of mind whenever you ride.”

While that doesn’t initially seem like an urgency issue, it is creating a sense of urgency because readers will get an instant feeling of relief knowing that Uber is standing behind them from the start. 

Uber’s Peace of Mind campaign instantly addressed many common driver concerns

Source: Really Good Emails

5 Real-world email copywriting examples worth learning from

Now that you understand what goes into quality email copywriting, it’s time we dissect some email copywriting examples to get a better idea of what really works. 

1. Readdle

This example from Readdle is lovely because it incorporates all the pieces of not only excellent email copywriting but of a good email in general. 

A picture containing electronics  Description automatically generated

Source: Really Good Emails

Not only is it visually appealing, this email includes proper use of design hierarchy, scanability and more. As for being a good email copywriting example, this one stands out because it not only captures the reader’s attention immediately, it also incorporates great storytelling to get the reader invested in what the brand has to say. 

2. Jaybird

We truly enjoyed the email copywriting example that is included within this Jaybird email. What makes this one stands out is the fact that it instantly grabs the readers attention with the headline, “The Perfection of Wireless Sound,” and then continues to describe why this product will help elevate the user’s experience. 

Jaybird’s email copywriting get’s right to describing how this product will work for the consumer

Source: Campaign Monitor

3. Torrid

What we love about this announcement from Torrid is that they aren’t only announcing their model’s tour schedule. Torrid is taking it a step further by genuinely going into story mode and allowing their model, Julia Rose, to speak on what has her most excited about being named the 2018 Face of Torrid, but why she is excited to represent the brand.

Torrid announces model Julia Rose’s 2018 tour

Source: Liveclicker

Of course, Torrid is a well-known plus-size shopping outlet, so beneath the announcement, they provide readers with a few links to some great deals, but it’s not the focal point of the copywriting. 

4. Webflow

A common misconception with email copywriting examples is that more is better. Truth is, in many cases, more is less. Take this example from Webflow.

Webflow keeps their copywriting short, sweet and to the point.A screenshot of a cell phone  Description automatically generated

Source: Really Good Emails

The email grabs the reader’s attention immediately by creating a sense of urgency with “get started with a blog template.” If we have subscribed to these emails, it is because we either have a blog or are looking to start one, so this email speaks to us. It then goes on to tell a story about how the world needs our content, so why are we waiting to get started?

This is the perfect example of getting right to the point with an excellent email copy.

5. Harry’s

Effective email copywriting examples should make their copy about their reader’s, and Harry’s does just that by creating an interactive email experience. Readers are walked through a series of fun questions that will then lead them to their ideal scent. 

Not only does the “find your sent” aspect create intrigue, but how the copy is written helps take the reader on a journey, which is where the storytelling comes into play.

Harry’s makes their email copy interactive by having viewers take a short quiz to help them find their best scent

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up

These five email copywriting examples are only a small sampling of the hundreds and thousands of examples that are available online. If these examples didn’t help spark your creativity, then just keep the following tips in mind, and you’re sure to create some high-quality email copy:

  • Tells a story

  • Pulls the reader in

  • Makes the reader feel as if the copy was made for them and their needs

  • Creates a sense of urgency that encourages readers to act

You’ve got your copywriting down; now it’s time to put it to good use. Check out our Email Marketing 101 guide and see how you can take your next email campaign to the next level.

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