Emma Social recap: The Talk Like a Pirate Day edition

Ahoy! These are ARRRGGGH-uably some of our best links and social posts of all time. We've sailed the seven seas to – yep, you're right. I should stop and just get to the links. Enjoy, you scallywags! 

Best practices
5 things we learned from looking at a click map of our own emails
Q&A about how to stand out in a crowded inbox
Email marketing: managing the emotionally "unsubscribed"

Emma news
We're hiring all around the Emma house. Join the crew!
Let's chat about what we're learning from Metric
Send us an email marketing campaign. We'll send one tip to get better results. For free!

Fun finds
What Miss America taught us about email marketing
Why people trust J.K. Rowling more than Queen Elizabeth
Birthday messages to bees

Our most popular tweet of the week

Hiring? Why yes, yes we are. We're looking for sales pros, designers, software engineers and more! https://t.co/HqPuvKcJ1Q

— Emma, Inc. (@emmaemail) September 14, 2014

A favorite from our own feed

@emmaemail #shamelessplug on the #8sceondchallenge, but dang that click mapping is sweet.

— Pete Biolsi (@pbiolsi) September 17, 2014

One more for the road

Even @emmaemail's post-#cmworld email is fun. Can't wait to bust my booth schwag shirt out.

— katiedel (@katiedel) September 11, 2014


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