Emma Social recap: The Automation edition

Automation is all the rage in email marketing, but we’ve noticed that some marketers are still hesitant to get started. Maybe it triggers all of those deep-seeded Skynet fears, but we’re here to tell you that we should welcome our new benevolent marketing robot overlords. Automation saves time, and it’s proven to get major results. That’s why we’re rolling out an expanded set of automation features (here’s a sneak peek), and we’ve created a handy step-by-step guide to help marketers get started with automation. And when you’re done getting all automate-y, here are a few more of our favorite links from the week to check out. All were written by actual human beings...or were they?

Best practices
Email is top digital channel for conversions
8 ways to stop boring your subscribers
The optimal length for every social media update

Emma news
Introducing our new agency dashboard packed full of client insights 
Inside the company culture at Emma and why we like working here so much
We're hiring! Come join the crew.

Fun finds
Spectacular things from the internet this week
Shareable native ads from Someecards
10 best Halloween ads of all time

Our most popular tweet of the week

Mmmm...cheesecake. Big thanks to @tncheesecake for the gift! So good. pic.twitter.com/y40iedAfQR

— Emma, Inc. (@emmaemail) October 23, 2014


A favorite from our own feed

@emmaemail is getting REAL CLOSE to launching something REALLY COOL, & I'm looking at it live right now, & I FEEL LIKE I'M AT DISNEYLAND!!!

— Hana Crume (@FollowingHana) October 22, 2014


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