Anatomy of an Email: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants


1. If you work in marketing or communications for a restaurant group like Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, chances are good that you're tasked with sending out a ton of information – restaurant openings, menu updates, event invitations, etc. – in a single monthly newsletter. So how do you format all that content in a way that your audience will actually engage with?

2. For long-form email newsletters, a single-column design is your best bet. It allows you to control the format of your content, rather than leaving it up to chance when it gets translated to a mobile client. 

3. And if you’re worried about using a single column because it will make your email too long, don’t be afraid to embrace the scroll. Your recipients are already used to scrolling on their mobile devices, and they won't mind doing so if it means accessing more interesting, valuable content.

4. Besides, 80% of people are only scanning your email. To optimize for that experience, make sure your newsletter template includes: 

• High-quality images to visually introduce each new section
• Bold headlines summing up the content
• A short blurb of copy 

5. Finally, be sure to include easy ways to engage with each section, like a big CTA button with active language. Not only does it make it clear where they can find out more, it's much easier to tap on a mobile phone than a text link. 



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