7 proven holiday email marketing ideas

Do you need holiday email marketing ideas for upcoming fall and winter campaigns? If you’re a full-time email marketer, there’s a good chance you’re already working on these.

The holidays may seem far away, but many digital marketers are already preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. The last quarter of the year is an important time for businesses, big or small, as it’s traditionally a season for shopping.

Looking for tips and tricks on how to execute effective Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas retail email campaigns? We’re here to help.

What makes holiday email marketing ideas so important?

Email marketing is the online old reliable, even when it’s not the holiday season. 

In fact, email is more effective at attracting customers and driving conversions than social channels, and for good reason. The average person checks their email on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. We’re likely to be on social media more often, but we’re also less likely to pay close attention to our social feeds the way we do when we check what’s in our inboxes.

Holiday sales in the U.S. have increased every year since 2009. This means businesses are likely to experience an uptick in spending between November to December. Right after Thanksgiving is the peak period for profits, due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

We already know that email marketing works. It makes sense to capitalize on the historical trend of holiday spending booms. Email campaigns are an affordable way to increase profits and visibility. 

4 holiday email marketing ideas to inspire you

As an email marketer, you may already have all these ideas in your toolbox. Let’s go through them together and see how standard email marketing techniques can be transformed for the holidays.

1. Come out with holiday gift guides.

Sending online sale announcements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a given. These emails will likely have high open rates and click-throughs but will be yesterday’s news by the time December hits.

On the other hand, email subscribers will appreciate anything that helps them with Christmas shopping.

You can add a link to a page or blog on your website that displays a full and comprehensive guide. Show only the most relevant products in your email in an attractive collage format.

The holiday gift guide can be one of the early components of your seasonal campaign

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