5 effective newsletter templates we love

The email newsletter remains one of the most versatile and efficient tools in all of digital marketing. Email marketers are likely familiar with newsletters, but the topic is massive.

Given that email is one of the most effective channels, imagine how much more effective the newsletter is? It’s one of the most fundamental, useful, and welcomed emails you can create. What’s the best method for creating a winning design?

Every email newsletter is different in what it offers. The information the reader receives is unique, but so is the delivery. The way the information is laid out and the way it reflects the sender, and their industry, are also unique.

Layout and brand optimization are two of the core components of effective email design. However, newsletters can excel in many other ways. The best way to see exactly what makes a well-crafted newsletter so great for the reader and the sender alike is to view great newsletter templates.

Learning from 5 great email newsletter templates

In this post, we’ll cover some awesome email newsletter templates and explore what makes each one so effective. Not only will we talk about what it is we love about each one, but we’ll also talk about how you can implement the template’s strong points into your own creations.

The Portal Tech Informer proves less is more.

The Portal Tech Informer proves less is more.

Source: Canva

When it comes to the email newsletter, marketers may feel a bit of intimidation. Sure, design options have become exponentially more complex in recent years. However, that doesn’t always mean designs must be extravagant to make their point known, even on the enterprise level in complex industries.

What we love about it: First off, check out the beautiful balance between the header image and the text. Right off, you feel like you’re being served a bite-sized helping of information. You aren’t overwhelmed by a text wall, and you aren’t confused about who is sending it or what they’ll be talking about. You’re even given a convenient sidebar to tell you what is covered in this newsletter.

The image itself isn’t too over-the-top, either. Simplicity and balance create an inviting feel here. You aren’t being overwhelmed by text, but you don’t have outlandish graphics in your face either. Instead, you get a reserved approach to both that works smoothly.

The takeaway: Make your newsletters balanced. Combine images and text, so you inform your reader without expecting them to sort through an intimidating-looking text block. The better the balance, the better the chance your reader will stick around. You can use this same format in drip campaigns that follow the newsletter.

Restaurant newsletters can sell to your taste buds.

Restaurant newsletters can sell to your taste buds.

Source: Pinterest

When you think of email newsletter templates, you may immediately think of the visual design. After all, if you don’t give your reader something interesting to look at in the text, you risk losing their interest. Luckily, if you’re in the restaurant business, you have options to keep them hooked and get their mouthwatering.

What we love about it: This newsletter makes you feel like you’re in the restaurant. It looks so much like a menu, the reader could mistakenly look up from their device in hopes a server is walking by. From the clever header that resembles a chalkboard to the multiple pictures of food, readers are immediately drawn in by what the establishment has to offer.

The email doesn’t just try to get the customer interested in the food then leave them hanging. They show off combos with pricing information. There are also links to the full menu and contact information below. Once the reader is good and hungry, they can proceed to place their order or get directions to dine in.

The takeaway: The key here is if you have great image choices, use them. For restaurants, it’s easy to find great pictures that evoke the mood you’re after. You also see an option for the user to sign up for future newsletters. So if you’re looking to create a long-term campaign, sprinkle images like this in throughout.

Fitness templates can get personal and versatile.

Fitness templates can get personal and versatile.

Source: Pinterest

Fitness brands know all about personalization. Since everyone’s health is different, people often seek out “personal” fitness tips. Some people are private about their quest to better health, and this makes newsletters a great tool for this situation. This template shows off an attempt at personalization, along with some variety mixed in.

What we love about it: Not only does this template immediately get personal (in a good way) with the message “your personal trainer,” but they show off how versatile their services are right below. Using a combination of simple image symbols and one-word titles, they say a lot with a little, which is a great strategy for newsletters.

Once a person starts on their fitness journey, they may take unexpected turns. A person who develops better cardio may get into yoga. A person who excels in aerobics may try out strength building. This email gives the reader options from the beginning, which makes it more conducive to engagement.

The takeaway: If you’re in the fitness industry, keep things personal and give readers some options. An email newsletter should make the reader feel like they’re the center of the journey, since they are. It also helps to showcase some different types of fitness options, so a person who is hesitant or unsure doesn’t feel forced into one path or another. Leaving options makes it easy to take multiple directions in future campaigns.

Universities can make it fun, but keep it studious.

Universities can make it fun, but keep it studious.

Source: Canva

Universities have a lot to talk about. Many colleges are more like small towns, with activities happening constantly across academics, sports, and extra-curricular sectors. This newsletter encompasses the brand a college should strive to create. It looks academic, formal, and inviting.

What we love about it: In addition to the studious look, this email utilizes the organizational tips we mentioned earlier. There’s a clear title, a good header image, a half-page worth of text, and a convenient guide to what you can expect.

You’ll notice the topics are diverse as well. There’s sports updates, study tips, subject-specific academic coverage, and even advice for seeking jobs. This newsletter looks professional, but it’s also fun and diverse in that it offers something for everyone. That organization and diverse topic selection work to make it very valuable for busy students trying to keep up with campus happenings.

The takeaway: If you’re making a newsletter for a university, remember to keep a studious and professional appearance. However, you can also make it fun. The best way to do this is by mixing up topics to keep the reader interested and ensure that even if they aren’t into everything, they’ll likely be interested in at least one of the subjects.

Nonprofit newsletters can show the reader their impact.

MoMA Email Newsletter Design

Source: Wired Impact

Finally, we wrap up with a nonprofit newsletter template. Nonprofits are a special kind of organization, so they can utilize techniques that are equally unique. Nonprofits depend on contributions and participation to inspire and create change in the world. It’s a great idea to reinforce this process in newsletters.

What we love about it: This newsletter opens up by reminding the reader how important their support is. Both the image and the bolded opening line below the title help the reader see where their contributions go. This simple statement does a lot to make the reader feel involved, which is critical for continuing newsletter participation.

We like how they cover both the audience the organization reaches and the programs they cover. This provides a lot of great opportunities for future emails. No matter which type of program a person is interested in or what group they fall into, there is potential for future drip campaigns and continued email interaction.

The takeaway: Email is a personal tool. It feels close to home, and therefore it is great for organizations who try to create the same connection. Nonprofits can maintain a closer connection to their audience, meaning they can reinforce to readers just how important their participation is. Remember, many organizations don’t consider monetary donations the only type of contribution. Sometimes just staying signed up to receive future content is enough to be a part of the organization in some way.

Getting creative with your email newsletter templates.

Email newsletter templates can come in many forms. There are a ton of options, and the industry you’re based in provides even more room to get creative. Whether your products translate well to images or your sector matches the personal tone of email marketing, your newsletter templates can go a long way in keeping your audience engaged.

The takeaways from these newsletters can be utilized throughout larger campaigns, whether they’re automated drip campaigns or personalized creations for specific segments. Once you learn how to translate the strong points of your industry and brand into email newsletters via effective templates, you’ll be able to take your email marketing to the next level.

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