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In 2017, we added more new features to Emma accounts than any year prior – and we’re not slowing down. Here are just a few that will set you up to do your best marketing in 2018.

A/B content testing

Take the guesswork out of your marketing

Quick Tip:

Want to boost engagement? Try testing your CTA button. Everything from copy to color to placement could make an impact.

5 A/B Testing Ideas

Landing pages

Create & publish as easily as you would an email. No developer required.

Quick Tip:

Make a landing page to promote an event and seamlessly add the registrants to your Emma audience.

3 ways to use landing pages

Segment Builder

Find the perfect audience for your message

Quick Tip:

Create a segment of people who haven’t opened a specific mailing and try it again with a different subject line.

Email segmentation checklist

New Response reporting

Data & insights that are easy to act on and easy on the eyes

Quick Tip:

Keep an eye on your subscriber open rates. If someone hasn’t opened in several months, send a win-back email to get them back into the fold.

How to use your response data

Marketing calendar

Every marketing team’s must-have

Quick Tip:

Don’t overload your subscribers. Receiving too many emails is the #1 reason people unsubscribe.

See the Marketing Calendar


But marketing is more than just powerful software. So in 2017, we traveled the country to help the marketers who use it get better at what they do every day.

Our annual marketing conference in Nashville sold out for the third straight year – and we can’t wait do it again in April 2018. Join us!

1,000 Attendees
70+ Speakers
25+ Sponsors

“Inspiring, career-changing, mind-blowing, heart-filling…”— Nicky See

We launched our first-ever Emma Roadshow, teaming up with our partners to bring our most helpful content straight to your back yard.

4 Cities
239 Attendees
3,115 Miles

“This is going to be one killer event. We’re all going to connect, talk a little smart marketing, and have a lot of fun doing it.”— John Greenlee


We also attended and presented at a lot of conferences. 31, to be exact.


If you were looking for inspiring email marketing examples, quick tips to improve results, or the latest marketing data, we had it in spades. Here’s some of the year’s most popular content.

2017 Email Marketing Industry Report

Our first-ever industry report identified marketers’ toughest challenges and the solutions they’re using to overcome them.


What’s missing from your email marketing strategy?

This quick, step-by-step checklist helps you find the gaps in your email strategy, so you can quickly get more ROI from your marketing efforts.


Top 12 Emails of 2017

Our customers are always doing great work, but these are the best-of-the-best, the 12 emails that earned a slow clap when we saw them.



We presented 29 webinars this year to over 5,100 attendees, showcasing the latest data and examples from the brands doing it best.


We also published over 180 blog posts with all kinds of tips and best practices that helped over 273,000 visitors get better marketing results.


We’re proud of the work our 15,000 customers do every day. Here’s just a few who inspired us in 2017.


For many marketers, email is just part of the picture. That’s why we’re always adding new integrations with other top services to help you power the best experience for your subscribers.

Giving Back

Giving back is in our DNA, so we make it a priority every year to support organizations making a big impact in their community. Fun fact: Our first customer ever (Belcourt Theatre) is a nonprofit.

$28,500 Donated
25 Free NPO Accounts
12 Volunteer Events

“Our adoptions, donations, volunteer interactions, and overall visibility have increased after using our Emma account and we are so appreciative to have been given this opportunity!”— TANYA WILLIS

New Emma Swag

We. Love. Swag. So in 2017, we expanded our offerings with a fresh suite of goodies. The world’s most comfortable t-shirts? Got ’em. 100% Open Rate koozies? Better believe it. Slick new shades? You betcha.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate 2017, it’s also time to ring in the new. So we asked experts from around the Emma house to break out the crystal ball and tell marketers what to expect in 2018.

“Marketers will spend more of their time focused on engaging existing customers than trying to acquire brand new ones.”

— Colby Cavanaugh, Sr. VP of Marketing

“The importance of obtaining subscribers’ explicit permission to market to them will continue to increase.”

— Art Quanstrom, Deliverability Lead

“Less will be more, simplifying design and messaging to create more scannable email and maximize engagement.”

— Lee Floyd, Creative Director

“We’ll move past simply meeting the minimum requirements and really optimize marketing content for accessibility.”

— Logan Baird, Design Services Lead

“You’ll see fewer promos. Discounts encourage one-time purchases, but valuable content creates lasting relationships.”

— Elizabeth Duffey, Senior Email Specialist

“More and more marketers will use tools that integrate with their email service provider to deliver contextual emails.”

— Jamie Bradley, Customer Marketing Manager

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