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A team your team will love.

Meet the people building, supporting, designing and generally obsessing over your marketing efforts.

Elizabeth Duffey Email Specialists Team Lead
Jon Edlin Sales Development Representative
Cacey Lewis Sales Development Representative
Anna Tucci Product Manager
Jake Ousley Email Specialist
Bryan Wyatt Engagement Specialist
Jason Bynum VP of Technology
Jordan Pratt Account Executive
Greg Breal Customer Support Specialist
Devon Lee Director of Customer Success
Tracey Houston Bookkeeper
Daniel Chaniott Account Specialist
Joey Davis Account Executive
Tylor Loposser Email Designer
Tara Jo Kirk Senior Product Designer
Shane Toombs Sales Development Representative
Jeremy Estrada Engineer
Tyler Urborg Onboarding Specialist
Megan Morris Quality Automation Engineer
Greg Frank Senior Art Director
Pete Oliveros Account Executive
Chad Campbell Sr. Engineer
John Peregoy Front-End Developer
Jordan Cocklin Account Executive
Samantha Yeargin Engineer
Brian Murphree IT Ops Lead & Network Engineer
Sammy Al-Hagal Customer Support Specialist
Emma Mathews Director of Professional Services
Michael Baker Senior Account Executive
Dennis Monsewicz Engineer
Adam Wilczek Engineer
Miles Price Product Marketing Manager
Clint Roney Customer Success Manager
Tyler Sutton Email Specialist
Josh Cypher Quality Automation Engineer
Daniel Wilkerson IT Operations Specialist
Robb Fedou Account Executive
Alison Gootee Email Deliverability Specialist
Karen Gragg VP of Marketing
Rosemary Girouard Director of Marketing Operations
Jess Grosch Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Heston Chu Senior Engineer
Kelly Wolfenbarger Senior Email Designer
Cody Bender VP of Product Marketing and Delivery
Art Quanstrom Deliverability and Compliance Lead
Paul Shefelton Sales Development Representative
Cody De Vos Senior Product Manager
Sherrylyn Branchaw Database Administrator
Zeth Belt Sales Development Representative
Ross Cochran Integrations Support Specialist
Zak Wolfinger Infrastructure Engineer
Josh Mock Senior Javascript Architect
Jamil Alvi Engineering Manager
AJ Nance Account Specialist
Megan Heikkinen Production Designer
Heather Sturm Integrations Support Specialist
Burns Proctor Customer Success Manager
Travis Hathaway Engineer
Kris Plunkett Engineer
Ethan Zoubek Chief Revenue Officer
Ashley Davidson Office Coordinator
James Curtis Sales Development Representative
Nate Gallagher Customer Support Specialist
Jason Keary Onboarding Specialist
Donna Smith Engineer
Joshua Jackson Customer Support Specialist
Anna Vammen Account Specialist
Lance Roggendorff Engineering Lead
Anthony Miranda Customer Support Specialist
Cody Newman Videographer
Courey Elliott Support Engineer
Emily Hayden Partnerships Specialist
Tim Yager Engineer
Erica Biehl Billing Manager
Doc Downs Customer Support Project Assistant
Kari Spieler Sales Development Representative
Susan Adams Controller
David Weintraub Account Executive
Grey Stepp Support Team Manager
Kevin Burr Product Designer
Katie Watts Senior Manager, Support
Lyndsey Welch Senior Customer Success Manager
Nathan Miller Salesforce Administrator
Christina Brady Field Marketing Manager
Jeff McKeand Senior Product Designer
David Wright VP of Product
Kevin Rarick Account Executive
Jeff Slutz Senior Content Writer
Kathleen Spicer Sales Development Representative
Colby Cavanaugh Senior VP of Marketing
Emily Whitson Email Specialist
Benton Cummings Director of Customer Support
Jared Marchbanks Facilities manager
Wellford Dillard CEO
Pearl Nichols Engagement Specialist
Becca Foreman Customer Success Manager
Phillip May Customer Support Specialist
Zach Sharpe Customer Support Specialist
Ben Harrington Dev Support Specialist
Amy Nelson Marketing Manager
Reggie Murray IT Operations Manager
Matt Abfalter Sales Development Representative
Cale Mooth Product Manager
Marc Powell Director of Infrastructure
Harold Smith Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Priya Pappu Talent Acquisition Specialist
Laura Delcambre Customer Support Specialist
Caroline Shirley Customer Support Specialist
Landon Ihde Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
Trey Piepmeier Front-End Developer
Donald Thompson Engineering Manager
Meghan Sokolnicki Email Designer
Sarah Thetford Sales Development Representative
Ethan O'Connell Sales Development Representative
Katy Campen Front-End Developer
Nora Snoddy Director of Marketing
Ryan Lepidi Senior Engineer
Emily Walker Account Executive
Sarah Story Engineer
Matt Thackston Senior Product Manager
Caroline Colpoys Account Executive
Logan Baird Design Services Lead
Todd “TK” Kelley Senior Account Executive
Alex Phillips Account Specialist
Jay Crouch Account Executive
Rodney Norris Principal Engineer
Phillip Duncan Technical Services Consultant
Brad Zeffren UX Development Lead
Paul Caudill Junior Sales Operations Analyst
Karen Hodson VP of Operations
Elliott Woodall Sales Development Representative
Bob Branch Engineer
Jean Soderkvist Engineering Manager
Mimi Hamid Customer Success Manager
Emily Yearout Email Specialist
Lauren Ackerman Onboarding Specialist
Bradford Winfrey Senior Principal Engineer
Lee Floyd Creative Director
Joe Biggert Principal Engineer
Kirsten Kwon Director of Email Marketing
Julia Gregory Senior Customer Success Manager
Christine McPherson Director of Talent and HR
Paul Zimmerman-Clayton Support Team Manager
Joey Betori Sales Development Representative
Jackson Streeter Engineer
Joey Humke Director of Sales
McKenzie Gregory Content Writer
Allison Quirk Marketing Coordinator
Alyssa Sidebottom Email Deliverability Specialist
Adriane Smith Client Success Manager
Jason Voigt Engineer
Beccah Hartman Sr. Billing Specialist
Parker Agee Engineer
Rob Beckham Art Director
Seth Buntin Engineer Manager
Cliff Corr Director of Customer Success
Jairo Ruiz Front-End Engineer
Andrew Heuback Integrations Support Specialist
Lucas McDaniel Software Engineer
Kevin Goldasich Customer Success Manager
Rob Zwissler Senior Linux Engineer
Ellery Fraser Customer Success Manager
David Saunders Email Designer
Allie Williamson Sales Development Representative
Anna Bronson Sales Development Representative

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