Our new and improved Eventbrite integration

Calling all event marketers and Eventbrite users: our updated integration is about to make your life a whole lot easier—and better. Here's a detailed, three-minute look at how it works: 




Hi! I’m Chelsea, senior copywriter at Emma. I’m here to tell you about our new Eventbrite integration. It’ll help you drive ticket sales, track and report on revenue generated, and allow you to re-engage with customers through marketing’s highest-performing channel: email. 

Let’s take a look. 

To get started, simply go to the Audience section, and select Connect. From here, you'll click on Eventbrite and follow the steps to connect your account with Emma. 

Our integration works with all Eventbrite accounts. But if you're an event creator on Eventbrite Music, next you'll map your Organizations to Emma Subscriptions. 

If you have different attendees in each organization with very little overlap, you might choose to map each organization to different Subscriptions.

Next, the Summary screen will show you exactly how your organizations will map to subscriptions.

You'll also get a look at all the data fields that will be brought into Emma from your Eventbrite account. Once you click Activate, Emma will pull 18 months of historical data. So, you'll be able to see anyone who has attended a show or purchased a ticket in that time frame. 

After that initial sync, your data will update in Emma as changes happen in Eventbrite. 

Next, let’s take a look at the new Eventbrite Block in the drag & drop editor.

When you go to create your email, you'll first drag in the event block. If you're not already synced with Eventbrite, you may be asked here to sign into your account and connect. 

Here, you can filter by organization or venue. If you have a lot of events, you may want to use the search bar to quickly find the specific event you're looking for. 

Next, select the event, or events, you'd like to promote. You can then select which details you'd like to feature in your email. 

Here you'll get a preview of how your event will display in your email. You can also choose from three different layouts. Once you have everything just the way you want it, drop it into your mailing!

Once here, all content becomes editable. Don't like that font color or style? No problem. Want to change the photo? Easy fix. You can even customize your CTAs and your links.  

You've mapped your audiences and created customized your email, now let's get to targeting. Using data such as purchase history, amount spent, and event categories, you can build more effective segments and send your customers more targeted campaigns. The idea is that targeted emails means happier subscribers, and you get to sell more. Sounds great, right? 

Browse to Audience and then Segments, and then click CREATE A SEGMENT. 

Simply select the criteria you want to segment by to define your audience. You can select your segment while creating your mailing or A/B content test to ensure it gets sent to exactly the right attendees.  

Now that your email is out in the world, let’s see the results. Click on Response and then on your mailing. On the Overview tab, you’ll see revenue data, such as how many tickets were sold via your email and how much revenue it brought in right alongside your engagement data, like open rate and click-to-open rate. For an even more detailed view, click on the Tickets sold tab to see stats for each event in your email.

And there you have it! We’re really excited for you to start using our new Eventbrite integration to do some truly great marketing. 

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