Introducing New Emma Integrations for Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge, and Raiser’s Edge NXT, powered by Omatic.

Introducing New Emma Integrations for Blackbaud CRM, Raiser's Edge, and Raiser's Edge NXT, powered by Omatic. 

While it's often challenging to have emails noticed among our ever-crowded inboxes, it's no secret that tailored, personalized content can help you stand out. After all, relatable content resonates with subscribers and builds strong connections. On top of competing for attention, your audience is constantly changing or evolving, and you need to be agile to keep your data up-to-date. That's why we're excited to announce new integrations with Blackbaud CRM, Raiser's Edge, and Raiser's Edge NXT, powered by Omatic.

By combining Emma with the power of Blackbaud CRM, Raiser's Edge, or Raiser's Edge NXT, you'll have the best-in-class tools to keep your contact information up-to-date while also creating more personalized, streamlined email workflows. After working with Omatic to connect the platforms, the following actions will be supported in near-real time:

  • Newly-created contacts in the CRM will also be added to Emma
  • Updated information in the CRM will also update Emma's contact record
  • Email campaigns sent from Emma will reflect on the contact's record in the CRM
  • Opt-outs in Emma will also reflect in the CRM 

Take a look:

Step One (A): Email [email protected] and we'll connect you with an Omatic specialist. 

Step One (B): Access Omatic: An Omatic specialist will assist the first time you make this connection between your applications.








Step Two: Sync your Blackbaud CRM or Raiser’s Edge account with Emma. Choose your contact fields, groups & subscriptions, and preferences to map between platforms.


Step Three: leverage your data. Once you're up and running, you can start building your segments and sending relevant content based on your CRM data.


Once you're syncing data into Emma, it's time to grow your email strategy. You can create hyper-targeted segments that reflect your CRM data. Or, you can build automation to thank a new prospect or volunteer. And once you've been sending campaigns, your CRM users will be able to see the messages each contact has been sent, which opens the door to stronger, more relevant dialogue. 

We know many of you have been asking for these integrations, and we're really excited to share this news to help you accomplish your email marketing goals.  For more information about getting started with these integrations, and signing up, click here to connect with us.

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