15 Newsletter content ideas to spice up your email campaigns

For marketers, the beginning of each year is a time of creativity and new ideas. This includes coming up with newsletter content ideas.

Those that run newsletters know that content can get stale – and that there are plenty of tried and true methods for traditional newsletters out there.

But you also know that, to stand out from the crowd, you should be adding fresh newsletter content to your usual rotation.

So, if you run a newsletter that needs some content refreshment, you’re in the right place. But if you don’t run a newsletter, and you’re not sure it’s right for your brand, keep reading.

Does my brand need a newsletter?

Yes – and here’s why.

To some, newsletters are considered an outdated form of communication. However, newsletters have come a long way in recent years, and to many, they’re a preferred method of communication because they focus on informing instead of promoting a product or service. 

Consumers are always on the lookout for new solutions to solve a given pain point. But if you try “selling” them a solution right off the bat, they’re likely to be turned off.

In the 2018 Adobe Consumer Email Survey, 39% of people said they’d prefer if brands made their emails more informational rather than using them as an opportunity to sell something. 

An email newsletter campaign is a perfect way to keep your readers informed (while dropping subtle hints that could lead to a purchase). 

Here’s a great example of two newsletters designed for home renovation inspiration.

B&Q Newsletter example

Source: Really Good Emails / Really Good Emails

The newsletter on the left gives readers flooring ideas, but they blatantly point out price points. The newsletter on the right lists several shelving options, and readers are encouraged to “shop browser” for more information. 

The left example is valid, but it puts pressure on the reader to purchase. The newsletter on the right, however, gives readers a little blurb about the products, and the “shop browser” call-to-action (CTA) encourages readers to click through to the website if they’re interested. 

Not sure how to take your newsletters from promotional to informational without losing your subscriber’s interest? Fret not. We have ideas to help you out. 

15 email newsletter content ideas to spark your creative side

With 83% of B2B companies using an email newsletter as a part of their content marketing strategy, it can be challenging to stand out in a crowded inbox. That’s why you and your team should start brainstorming unique newsletter content ideas. 

Need help with the brainstorming process? We’ve got you covered. Play around with these options. 

Educate your audience with these newsletter content ideas

Your audience has come to you because you’ve shown them you have something to offer. You may have a great product worth sharing, but your audience wants more than a product. 

Become an authority in your niche and use these newsletter content ideas to help keep readers in the know.

1. Listicles help educate your audience on how to succeed in your industry. They’re also great for showcasing what not to do. Remember, for every negative, you want to provide readers with a solution.

Wirecutters newsletter example

Source: Really Good Emails

2. Industry reports are another tool to educate your readers. Providing them as free downloadable content makes for an excellent newsletter.

3. Interviews can be turned into a series to help keep your readers informed about what’s working and what isn’t within their industry. Take advantage of your reader’s thirst for knowledge and interview the top people in your industry.

Klaviyo newsletter example

Source: Milled

4. Beginner’s Guides are another education opportunity. These can be serialized or included as a free download to new subscribers or recently re-engaged subscribers. 

Create a customer-centric experience with these newsletter content ideas

As we move through 2020, one of the biggest marketing trends is the inclusion of user-generated content to help foster a customer-centric experience. Not sure how to include your customers in your newsletter content ideas? Give some of these ideas a go.

5. Interview your current customers. Ask them who they are, what they do, and why they’ve turned to your brand. Ask them why they chose you over your competitors and feature them in a customer spotlight newsletter. 

6. Encourage users to share their favorite products or services via social media and have them use a brand-specific hashtag. You can feature them and their user-generated content in your next newsletter. 

Alex and Ani website example

Source: Pinterest

Need some e-commerce newsletter content ideas?

Those in retail tend to struggle with e-commerce newsletter content ideas because they get stuck in sending their usual weekly or monthly circulars. Instead of sending the usual, try some of these ideas instead.

7. Have a new product or a featured product? Consider a product tutorial. This is an excellent way to promote something without trying to sell it to your readers. Instead, focus on what it is, why your brand loves it, and share some current customer reviews as well.

Pinterest example

Source: Really Good Emails

8. Create a wish list that features some of your brand’s top products. These lists should talk about the product, why they’ve made the list, and links to learn more. These lists should also be easily shareable. 

Legal Sea Foods newsletter

Source: Milled

9. Product spotlights never go out of style. Talk about why this product is being highlighted and why consumers should care. Remember, you’re informing the reader, not selling to them. 

10. Use listicles to share seasonal favorites. Depending on the products you have and the industry you’re in, certain products do better during certain seasons. Share your seasonal favorites with your subscribers in a seasonal newsletter or gift guide. 

Get creative with some of these newsletter content ideas

Have none of the newsletter content ideas thus far sparked your creative side? Give these a try.

11. Create a video series and share new episodes with your subscribers. This can be a “meet the staff” series or a behind-the-scenes look at how your product is used. This is a wonderful way to promote your brand’s other social media profiles as well, depending on where you post your videos. Some popular choices include YouTube, Facebook Watch, and Instagram TV.

Inside Scoop newsletter

Source: Gmail

12. Video not your thing? Try a podcast with industry-related information. This can include product launches, interviews with industry experts, and more. Once you’ve uploaded your most recent episode, you can share the link through a podcast newsletter.

13. Make use of fun, non-traditional holidays. Depending on your niche, take advantage of fun holidays like National Pet Day, May the 4th Be with You, and Family Fun Month. Send out warm wishes, highlight a product, or just make your readers smile.

TunnelBear newsletter

Source: Really good Emails

14. Try a weekly theme. This allows you to expand your content. Fun ideas can include “Motivational Mondays” to help readers start on the right foot, or “Wishful Wednesdays” that list your hottest products.

Weekly Shaun T newsletter

Source: Gmail

15. Share your accomplishments. Newsletter content ideas don’t have to be outlandish to work. Sometimes, just informing readers on your latest achievements is enough to get them fired up. Did you recently hire new team members? Did you hit a milestone? They’ll appreciate these updates more than you know. 

MindBody newsletter

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up

If these 15 newsletter content ideas didn’t quite speak to you, don’t worry. The options are endless when writing newsletters these days – and if you focus on categorizing your ideas, it can make the brainstorming process that much easier. 

If you aren’t sure where to start with categories, try using the ones we outlined above: 

  • Educate your audience by providing them with brand-specific content, trending topics, and more.

  • Create a customer-centric experience by getting them involved.

  • Take your e-commerce newsletters to the next level by going beyond the average weekly mailer.

  • Have fun and get creative with your newsletter content ideas. 

Do you have great newsletter content ideas but lack a good template? Check out these customizable newsletter templates from Emma.

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