10 Event invitation email examples that win the inbox

To digital marketers, event invitation email examples can sometimes look too similar. This is especially true if they're presented without explanations. If you’re looking for inspiring event registration emails with contextualized positive features, we’re here to help.

As with any content, there are best practices for crafting invitation email samples. We’ll learn about them later on. 

Before anything, let’s talk about why event invitation emails are so important to digital marketing. Let’s go over some real emails and pinpoint the noteworthy characteristics of each.


Why are event registration emails important?

Here’s a good statistic to set the stage: An average person receives a little more than 121 emails daily. A large part of digital marketing includes email campaigns. Email is more universal than social media and more affordable than traditional post, after all. You can send event invitations without postal fees and can expect near-instant responses.

Email invites and registration prompts are essential to increasing foot traffic

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