Great marketing starts with great relationships.

We’ve built Emma around both.

We love partnering with people who are passionate about their brand and serious about their marketing. Who are ready to stop “blasting” and start connecting. We’re wired that way, too.

We’ve built Emma to help you do fantastic email marketing, with strategic services that deliver success for any size company, for any size team.

How is Emma priced?

Here, pricing is simple and straightforward.

Plans start at just $45 for 2,500 contacts and unlimited email sends

plus a bunch of other amenities, like storage for documents, images and data

And then we go a step further, with an onboarding team that equips you for a speedy, successful start with your Emma-powered email marketing.

Small businesses find our pricing is comparable to services they've used before, and larger senders coming from “enterprise” style platforms are pleasantly surprised by the value they get for the price. Our agency partners enjoy wholesale pricing to offer competitive pricing to their clients. And clients of every shape and size are wowed by the level of personal support and service we offer right from the start.

How does Emma compare to other services?

We start with a product that’s truly a pleasure to use, add the right mix of smart marketing features, and back it all with a team of friendly, passionate experts to support you along the way. It all adds up to an experience you won’t find anywhere else — one that helps bigger companies do the marketing they want to and smaller companies market like their larger counterparts.

Emma customers are happy customers

Emma uses Net Promoter Score as one part of how we gauge customer satisfaction, and the customers who signed up in the latest quarter gave us an NPS of 70. (That’s higher than Southwest Airlines.)

If you’ve shopped around the email marketing world, you’ve probably noticed that we all do pretty much the same thing — manage contacts, build and send email, track results, etc.

But we wrap it all up in a great experience. It starts with product design. Our interface is clean, easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. So everything from creating an email to seeing the results delivered right to your iPhone is part of a product experience you can’t get anywhere else.

We back up our great product with a team of smart, passionate marketing experts. You won’t find this quality of service anywhere else.

At Emma, you’re a client, not a user. And we hope we’re your partner, not your vendor. We believe the distinction matters, and that it’s how, together, we’ll get big, breakthrough results for your business.

What does it take to get started?

Not a whole heck of a lot. Our platform and people are ready to go. Just say the word. If you’re in a rush, tell us, and we’ll work hard to have you sending quickly.

Or, we’re happy to show you around, answer questions and customize a plan that helps you check every box on your wish list. Our sales conversations are consultative and can actually be pretty fun, like talking to a work friend.

Who is Emma, anyway?

We didn’t name our company after a childhood pet or favorite librarian. The name “Emma” (beyond being a handy abbreviation for email marketing) speaks to our goal of making the web-based experience more approachable and more personable. Since launching in 2003, our focus has been on great design and simple but powerful features that help marketers do more than blast (ick) their email list.

Let’s be work friends

Behind Emma’s glasses is a team of more than 100 people who are downright obsessed with smart marketing. We develop, support, and design for a product we’re proud of, and we love helping our customers succeed.